Mini Doric Silver EarringMini Doric Silver Earring


Mini Doric Silver Earring
800,00 DKK
INA Gold Plated BraceletINA Gold Plated Bracelet


INA Gold Plated Bracelet
1.190,00 DKK
Our Lips Silver Earring w. DiamondOur Lips Silver Earring w. Diamond
MEIA Gold Plated EarringsMEIA Gold Plated Earrings


MEIA Gold Plated Earrings
1.390,00 DKK
Unsuspected Violet Silver Stud w. Diamond
Eternity Mpingo 18K Gold Pendant w. DiamondEternity Mpingo 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond
Inhaling Him Small Gold Plated BraceletInhaling Him Small Gold Plated Bracelet
SustainableSold out
The sigh I Silver EarringThe sigh I Silver Earring


The sigh I Silver Earring
800,00 DKK
The breath 18K Gold & Silver NecklaceThe breath 18K Gold & Silver Necklace


The breath 18K Gold & Silver Necklace
From 8.000,00 DKK
INAJA White Gold Plated EarringsINAJA White Gold Plated Earrings


INAJA White Gold Plated Earrings
1.490,00 DKK
CANA Gold Plated EarringsCANA Gold Plated Earrings


CANA Gold Plated Earrings
1.590,00 DKK
Who may 18K Gold PendantWho may 18K Gold Pendant
SustainableSold out


Who may 18K Gold Pendant
From 4.200,00 DKK
For truth Silver StudFor truth Silver Stud


For truth Silver Stud
550,00 DKK
Tiaré 14K Gold Earring w. Blue SapphireTiaré 14K Gold Earring w. Blue Sapphire
Into the Woods Large Earrings Gold Plated
SustainableSold out

Sigrun - Conscious Jewellery

Into the Woods Large Earrings Gold Plated
3.000,00 DKK
Wave Double Ring Gold PlatedWave Double Ring Gold Plated
SustainableSold out

Sigrun - Conscious Jewellery

Wave Double Ring Gold Plated
1.200,00 DKK
Lion Large Earrings Gold PlatedLion Large Earrings Gold Plated
SustainableSold out

Sigrun - Conscious Jewellery

Lion Large Earrings Gold Plated
1.800,00 DKK
Reflection 18K Gold, Whitegold or Rosegold RingReflection 18K Gold, Whitegold or Rosegold Ring
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Who can resist the alluring power of jewellery that transforms not only how you look, but also how you feel. Sustainability adds one more dimension to beautifully handcrafted designer jewellery that makes you look unique and at the same time promotes conscious living, reflecting the uppermost values of our times. The sustainable jewellery showcased here is made by designers who use beautiful, sustainably procured jewels and recycled precious metals to make amazing innovative jewellery in the form of wearable art. Many of them have progressive sustainability goals that aim for better practices that help to preserve our environment and we are so proud to promote and host them here.

• Loving jewellery and loving the planet
• Understanding sustainable jewellery
• Recycling and reclaiming jewellery
• Sustainable jewellery making standards

Have you wondered about what goes into making your jewellery?

We love jewellery; we buy and enjoy wearing them. But have you ever wondered…?

♦ How is your jewellery made?
♦ What goes into the making of your jewellery?
♦ Where are the materials from; how are they sourced?
♦ Who crafts a particular piece of jewellery, and under what conditions do they labour?

When we seek answers to these questions, we become conscious of and start to look for ethically sourced sustainable jewellery.

What is sustainable jewellery?

Sustainable jewellery is made with conscious consideration for the environment and the people who live in it.

We know that behind the gleam of gold and the glitter of gemstones lies the mining industry, a fertile ground for environmental degradation and human rights violations. We also know that you don't have to compromise beauty for waste. That's why we love and encourage sustainability standards in jewellery making and trade.

Awareness about the jewellery you want to purchase is as important as the design and artistry of the piece. We are happy that our customers now seek ethically made jewellery. And although the "fast fashion” industry dictates that jewellery fashions and styles are dynamic and tend to change quickly with new and different products flooding the market all the time, more and more people want to put a curb on the urge to buy jewellery that may not always be well-crafted or ethically made.

Here you find perfect combinations of beauty and sustainability

Here, we host some of the best designers in Europe and abroad. Founders of The Jewellery Room, Charlotte and Pernille, are jewellery experts with considerable experience in the industry. To the best of their knowledge and understanding, they personally select the designers and handpick every piece of the jewellery showcased here. Their conscious compass leads them to love and promote sustainable jewellery brands that

♥ Preserve indigenous crafts by combining thoughtful designs with caring for the hands that patiently work beautiful jewellery magic.
♥ Promote progressive recycling and upcycling at every stage of the jewellery-making process
♥ Maintain transparency about sustainable gemstone mining and pearl culture-farming methods used
♥ Promote "slow jewellery" by producing in limited numbers or on a "made-to-order" basis to prevent wastage
♥ Use authentic, certified modern technology-made materials like lab-grown diamonds and gemstones

Pause! Let's value designers who think about jewellery sourcing and put in the effort to raise sustainability standards in jewellery making!

Designer sustainable jewellery

Designer sustainable jewellery is more than just a fashion accessory. Choosing and wearing sustainably designed pieces is a deeply personal connection with the designer's inspiration for each piece and love for nature and the value of all human life. Designers who care ensure that their ateliers have proper work conditions and provide fair wages for the artisans, goldsmiths and metal craftsmen.

Sustainability certifications and councils

Growing awareness has led to standards for mining, procurement and sale of the materials used in jewellery-making. The Responsible Jewellery Council, Fairmined and Fair-trade, and the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance are cases in point. They are monitored by independent auditors, who certify ethical mines and allow jewellers to trace the source of the metal and gemstones they use.

Sustainable recycling

A more straightforward path to ensure sustainable jewellery manufacturing is to use reclaimed gold, silver, and gemstones. These are superbly designed and exquisitely crafted in silver and 10k to 22k recycled gold and silver. A piece of jewellery that is not quite in vogue anymore can be converted into a fashionable piece. Or you could use the gold, silver, and gemstones in an existing piece to custom order a new one in an elegant design.

Sustainable sourcing

Mostly, a piece of jewellery might be made from materials that originated in different parts of the world. Being utterly sure of what goes into the jewellery and from where they are sourced and procured is always a challenge.

We host special designer brands who are committed to sustainability, taking particular care to source their materials in accordance with strict sustainable standards and environmental responsibility. This includes Mpingo diamonds from sustainable WWF-protected forests, conflict-free diamonds from regulated mines, alternative lab-grown diamonds, recycled gold using solar power in the production process, and ethically cultivated pearl farms. In addition, many of these designers commit to planting a tree for every item of jewellery sold.

Now that you know all about sustainable jewellery, we encourage you to make sure that when you decide to buy jewellery, you shop from reliable jewellers who support jewellery brands that use sustainably sourced or reclaimed materials and ethical manufacturing processes. Designers of sustainable jewellery display earrings and rings, studs and hoops, pendants and necklaces, and bracelets in amazing styles. As a conscious customer, when you purchase a piece of sustainably crafted jewellery you are not only choosing to support the brand’s vision but also showing value and respect for both people and nature.

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