Georg JensenDaisy bling Necklace with pendant 180 mm, 45 cm., Gold

3.975 DKK


The stately Daisy Bling Necklace from the house of Georg Jensen is a two-piece set comprising an 18 karat gold-plated sterling silver necklace with a pendant adorned with white enamel and brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.19 carat.

  • Sterling silver with 18k gold-plating and white enamel pendant necklace
  • 0.19ct. TW.VS brilliant cut diamonds
  • Length of chain: 45cm
  • Pendant: 18mm
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's the story

Renowned as the oldest Danish jewellery brand, Georg Jensen’s atelier has been showcasing iconic designs for more than a century. The brand is endorsed by Her Majesty, the Queen of Denmark. Starting off with a modest silversmith workshop in Copenhagen, the founder Georg Jensen’s innovative, individualistic designs and vast knowledge of metals and stones propelled his rise to fame. In 1940, he gifted the Danish royal family with his now-iconic Daisy pendant to mark the birth of Princess Margrethe. It was inspired by Denmark’s national flower and since then has been an integral part of this exclusive collection.

What's great about it

A slender chain supports the round pendant, which is decorated with hand-painted white enamel petals on it. Right in the centre is a cluster of glittering diamonds that rivets the eye upon itself and adds glamour to this beautiful ornament. The aesthetically pleasing shape and perfectly contoured white daisy petals make this jewellery piece a complete fashion statement. A woman wearing it will feel comfortable and confident as she knows what she is declaring through this jewellery is good taste and a flair for the artistic.

How to wear it

The Daisy Bling necklace resonates with anyone who appreciates traditional design with a trendy touch to it. Easy to wear on a chain, the pendant adds a dash of panache to straight-cut casual attire as much as it does to a simple evening gown. Its simplicity makes it versatile. Wear this necklace with plain, dark outfits to enhance its striking effect any time of the day. It makes a subtle yet powerful style statement.

Why we love it

Rooted in tradition, the Daisy Bling Necklace has been skillfully given a modern twist to transform it into a contemporary design. Inspired by the delicate flower, the Daisy Bling Necklace set reflects freshness, innocence, and joy. We love this piece for its distinctiveness, understated elegance and historical heritage. Those who cherish jewellery pieces steeped in tradition yet desire to appear contemporary, would want to add this endearing piece of precious jewellery to their collection.

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