Bergsoe JewellerySeafire Ear Cuff Gold, Silver, White Diamond

3.500 DKK


This trendy earcuff from Bergsøe’s Seafire Collection uses a combination of silver and 18, 22 and 24 karat gold. It is embellished with a 0.04 carat brilliant cut champagne diamond.

  • 18k, 22k, and 24k gold and silver earcuff
  • 0.04ct. brilliant cut champagne diamond
  • Diameter: 1.1cm
  • Colour: Silver, gold, champagne

What's the story

The Bergsøe jewellery brand was founded by the Danish jewellery designer, Josephine Bergsøe. Many of her remarkable creations are displayed for public viewing in various galleries and museums around the world. Josephine also designs jewellery for the royal family of Denmark and famous American film personalities, such as Halle Berry and Glenn Close. Patrons love Bergsøe for its contemporary designs and unique presentation. The Seafire collection has an array of jewels that are crafted by twisting and turning metal pipings in a freestyle manner. The spherical knobs and diamonds, studded along various spots on the jewellery, add a touch of individuality to their appearance.

What's great about it

One of the fascinating features of this Bergsøe Seafire Earcuff is that it mixes gold made of three different purity levels with blackened silver to give it a unique, rustic appearance. Its innovative design makes it appear to be a gold earcuff from one angle and a silver one from another, but when viewed in profile, it has an exciting mix of gold and silver colours. A single and prominent-looking brilliant cut champagne diamond fitted on the earcuff accentuates its beauty and adds dazzle to it. Knobs of various sizes, placed along the shape of the earcuff, lend a Boheme-chic effect to the jewel.

How to wear it

You can wear your Bergsøe Seafire Earcuff as a single piece or as a pair, depending on your individual style. On casual days, wear the Bergsøe Seafire earcuff with simple ear hoops or studs. Let your hair loose, and secure only the strands above your ears, using snap clips. If you intend to go to a celebration, reveal your exuberant side by clipping on one or two more Seafire earcuffs along your ear. You can wear dangling pearl or gemstone earrings to complete the look.

Why we love it

We love the fact that this Bergsøe Seafire Earcuff is entirely handmade. The designs of the jewels crafted as part of the Seafire collection are distinctive, so it would be unusual to see two women sporting a similar design, unless they are both patrons of Bergsøe. Want to stand out in a crowd? Go Bergsøe!

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