Floating Diamond Line Earcuff 0.12Floating Diamond Line Earcuff 0.12
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Floating Diamond Line Earcuff 0.12
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Seafire 18K Gold Ear Cuff w. DiamondSeafire 18K Gold Ear Cuff w. Diamond
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Bergsoe Jewellery

Seafire 18K Gold Ear Cuff w. Diamond
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Rock Classic 18K Whitegold Ear Cuff w. DiamondsRock Classic 18K Whitegold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
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Diamond Earcuff 0.04 in 14K GoldDiamond Earcuff 0.04 in 14K Gold
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Diamond Earcuff 0.04 in 14K Gold
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Halo 18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. DiamondsHalo 18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
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Pear Diamond Earcuff 0.07Pear Diamond Earcuff 0.07
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Pear Diamond Earcuff 0.07
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Emerald-Cut Diamond Earcuff 0.10Emerald-Cut Diamond Earcuff 0.10
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Emerald-Cut Diamond Earcuff 0.10
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Rock Classic 18K Gold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
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Ocean Tide   18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. DiamondsOcean Tide   18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
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Ocean Ripple   18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. DiamondsOcean Ripple   18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
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Queen Wave   18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. DiamondsQueen Wave   18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
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Floating Pearl Diamond Line Earcuff 05Floating Pearl Diamond Line Earcuff 05
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Floating Diamond Earcuff 0.05Floating Diamond Earcuff 0.05
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Floating Diamond Earcuff 0.05
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Seafire 18K & 24K Gold & Silver Ear Cuff w. DiamondSeafire 18K & 24K Gold & Silver Ear Cuff w. Diamond
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Maja 14K Gold Ear Cuff w. DiamondsMaja 14K Gold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
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Anpé Atelier cph

Maja 14K Gold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
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Diamond ear cuffs are easy to wear, stylish and glamorous. Ear cuffs with diamonds can perk up any outfit for any occasion, night or day. Anybody who loves the sparkle of genuine diamond jewellery and the multiple piercings looks but does not want to go through the pain and hassle of having their ears pierced will be delighted with a diamond ear cuff. If you, too, are looking for ear cuffs with the glitter of diamonds, you are on the right page. Our jewellery experts, Charlotte and Pernille, always have their fingers on the international fashion pulse and an eye for genuine designer jewellery. They have curated a gorgeous selection of tempting designer diamond ear cuffs.

• What is a diamond ear cuff?
• Diamond ear cuff styles
• How to wear your diamond ear cuffs

What is an ear cuff?

An ear cuff is a unique piece of ear jewel designed to be worn without ear piercings. These stylish creations are also known as ear jackets, ear wraps, ear hooks, or ear clips based on how they are positioned or worn on the ear. Ear cuffs are favoured by both women and men because they do not require piercings, are easy to wear and take off, and add a cool vibe to any look. They come in clever designs, shapes and styles that can be adjusted to fix onto any part of your outer ear.

Diamond ear cuffs

Women who love to wear multiple diamond earrings as singles or pairs, keep looking for new styles and designs. If you love to wear an extra diamond earring without the hassle of getting more piercings, a diamond ear cuff is just the piece for you. A diamond ear clip or cuff will pair beautifully with other regular earrings, studs and drops designed for pierced ear lobes.

Gold and silver diamond ear cuff

A diamond ear cuff is usually made of 14k and 18k gold or rhodium-plated sterling silver. Some designer diamond ear cuffs are crafted in 18k gold vermeil, which is high-quality gold-plated sterling silver.

Gold ear cuffs set with diamonds are the most luxurious and in demand. Women and men who love to be on top of their fashion game and yet do not want to compromise on quality prefer their diamond ear cuffs in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

Cut and settings in diamond ear cuffs

Like diamond earrings, ear cuffs also may be set with round brilliant diamonds or diamonds in other fancy cuts such as princess, emerald, pear, oval, or marquise. Minimal-style diamond ear cuffs come with a single diamond. More glamorous designs may be set with several diamonds in different settings styles such as prong, bezel, and channel.

Diamond ear cuff prices

Diamonds are valuable and the most expensive among precious stones. Yet, it is always a winner because it alludes to sophistication, style, elegance and glamour. The price of a diamond ear cuff would depend on the design details, purity of the metal used, gold or silver hallmarking, the number and size (carat weight), and, more importantly, the quality grading of the diamonds. Like diamond earrings, authentic diamond ear cuffs will also have a diamond grading certificate.

You can use the search filters on our website to sort by the price range that suits your budget when you browse for a diamond ear cuff.

Sparkling diamond ear cuff styles

Designer diamond ear cuffs can be elegant and simple or ornate. The styles can be delicate and minimalistic or a single ear jewel can be a showstopper. We assure you there will always be one in the style and finish that you want.

Ear cuff styling depends on its design. We have found that four styles of ear cuffs are popular.

Cartilage diamond ear cuff

This kind of ear cuff is shaped like a small huggie earring and fits on the outer rim cartilage of the ear. These ear cuffs resemble a small open ring that hugs the ear helix or any part of the outer ear it is positioned on. A huggie ear cuff set with a single, double or triple line of small diamonds is eye-catching in its simplicity and delightful sparkle.

Concha diamond ear cuff

This style is perhaps the most popular today. Shaped like a hoop, it wraps around the outer cartilage rim to fit in the lower cartilage of the ear. Some beautiful styles are designed to look like a spectacular diamond river along the inner concha of your ear.

Diamond ear cuff with chain

A bold piece of jewellery, this style combines a cuff earring and an earring for a pierced ear, which are connected by a chain.

Diamond wire ear cuff

This style gives off a stark and edgy vibe. It comprises two or more diamond-set gold wire hoops, which, when worn, create the illusion of multiple piercings.

Putting on your diamond ear cuff

♦ Open your diamond ear cuff gently. Be careful not to exert too much pressure.
♦ Looking in the mirror, pull the thinnest part of your upper ear helix taut and slip the cuff opening over the cartilage.
♦ Slide the ear cuff up or down to the desired position and rotate it towards the concha or inner ear until you are satisfied with how it looks.
♦ Apply gentle pressure on the ear cuff to tighten the grip until it feels secure and comfortable. It should fit snugly but should not be tight.

Diamond ear cuffs are excellent gifts for your stylish wife, girlfriend, or anybody special who loves earrings. We hope you find the discussion above exciting and informative and enjoy browsing our curated selection of diamond ear cuffs.

If you have any questions regarding ear cuff size and fit, we are available for a quick chat on any business day. Just click on the Chat icon on our website. You can also contact us by phone or email if you, have a special request, or have questions regarding your order or the delivery date of a product. We will be happy to help you make the best purchase.

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