Earcuff in 14K GoldEarcuff in 14K Gold


Earcuff in 14K Gold
610,00 DKK
Earcuff 0.00 in 14K GoldEarcuff 0.00 in 14K Gold


Earcuff 0.00 in 14K Gold
1.450,00 DKK
Floating Diamond Line Earcuff 0.12Floating Diamond Line Earcuff 0.12
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Floating Diamond Line Earcuff 0.12
2.540,00 DKK
Diamond Earcuff 0.04 in 14K GoldDiamond Earcuff 0.04 in 14K Gold
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Diamond Earcuff 0.04 in 14K Gold
1.915,00 DKK
Seafire 18K Gold Ear Cuff w. DiamondSeafire 18K Gold Ear Cuff w. Diamond
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Bergsoe Jewellery

Seafire 18K Gold Ear Cuff w. Diamond
4.800,00 DKK
Vega Relief 18K Gold Ear cuffVega Relief 18K Gold Ear cuff
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Dulong Fine Jewelry

Vega Relief 18K Gold Ear cuff
4.500,00 DKK
Ball Ear Cuffs - 14K Gold

Ninna York Jewellery

Ball Ear Cuffs - 14K Gold
18.000,00 DKK
Pear Diamond Earcuff 0.07Pear Diamond Earcuff 0.07
New in


Pear Diamond Earcuff 0.07
3.325,00 DKK
Emerald-Cut Diamond Earcuff 0.10Emerald-Cut Diamond Earcuff 0.10
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Emerald-Cut Diamond Earcuff 0.10
4.105,00 DKK
Rock Classic 18K Gold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
Great giftSold out
Curves 9K Gold Ear Cuff w. Pearls

Pernille Lauridsen

Curves 9K Gold Ear Cuff w. Pearls
1.700,00 DKK
Floating Pearl Earcuff 05Floating Pearl Earcuff 05
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Floating Pearl Earcuff 05
1.060,00 DKK
Floating Pearl Diamond Line Earcuff 05Floating Pearl Diamond Line Earcuff 05
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Floating Diamond Earcuff 0.05Floating Diamond Earcuff 0.05
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Floating Diamond Earcuff 0.05
1.315,00 DKK
Seafire 18K & 24K Gold & Silver Ear Cuff w. DiamondSeafire 18K & 24K Gold & Silver Ear Cuff w. Diamond
Free Shipping
Maja 14K Gold Ear Cuff w. DiamondsMaja 14K Gold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
Custom-madeSold out

Anpé Atelier cph

Maja 14K Gold Ear Cuff w. Diamonds
6.600,00 DKK

What's not to love about gold ear cuffs? They are ear jewellery that does not require piercings, they come in a variety of daring styles and they are gold! With the multiple-piercings look becoming increasingly popular, ear cuffs are sought-after for their versatility. Look at our curated range of gold ear cuffs; we are sure you will find several appealing ones, from sleek and chic to bold and funky designs.

• What is a cuff earring?
• Are gold ear cuffs in fashion?
• Ear cuff styles
• How to wear an ear cuff

What is an ear cuff?

We are often asked about what ear cuffs are and how they work? Ear cuffs are usually c-shaped and come with a small gap in the design that allows them to be attached to the outer ear (the ear helix or concha). They are the perfect accessories for those who would like to wear several earrings but do not have or want more piercings. Ear cuffs are great companions for lobe earrings and you can sport as many as you like in various styles and materials.

Solid gold or gold-plated ear cuffs?

Gold has always been loved for its beauty and is, even today, the preferred setting for jewellery.
If you wish to buy a gold ear cuff, you are certainly making a good choice as earrings in gold are elegant, classy and stylish. Beautiful textures and patterns look exceptional in gold.

An ear cuff made of real gold is not only valuable but will last long because gold does not corrode, rust, or tarnish and is the best material to set diamonds in. In our curated collection of solid gold ear cuffs, you will find delicate and feminine designs crafted in 9k to 24k gold. We offer solid gold cuff earrings in yellow, white, and rose gold variations. If you prefer a more understated look, opt for white gold ear cuffs or romantic rose gold which are also real gold.

Also available are affordable gold-plated ear cuffs in our demi-fine ear cuff collection. Gold vermeil cuffs are made of sterling silver and plated with 18k, 22k or 24k gold.

Gold ear cuffs styles

Gold ear cuffs are versatile accessories that men and women can wear. One gold ear cuff is enough to instantly up your style quotient. They come in plain designs or bear diamonds pearls or gemstones. The demi-fine gold-plated ear cuff versions come with colourful, high-quality zirconia in amazing designs.

3 Main gold ear cuffs styles

A cartilage gold ear cuff is shaped like a small huggie earring and fits on the outer rim cartilage of the ear.

A concha gold ear cuff is perhaps the most popular style of cuff earring today. Shaped like a hoop, it wraps around the outer cartilage rim to fit in the lower cartilage of the ear.

A chain ear cuff is a bold piece of gold jewellery that combines a cuff earring and an earring for a pierced ear, which are connected by a chain.

A gold wire ear cuff has a stark and edgy vibe. It comprises two or more gold wire hoops which, when worn, create the illusion of multiple piercings.

How to wear your gold ear cuff

♦ Open your ear cuff slightly and while looking in the mirror, pull taut the thinnest part of your upper ear helix and slip the cuff opening over the cartilage
♦ Slide the ear cuff down to the desired position and rotate towards the inner ear (concha) until you are satisfied that it looks good
♦ Gently tighten the grip until it feels secure and comfortable

The gold ear cuffs in our collection are from gifted designers and reputed brands. We check every piece stringently for purity, quality, and artisanship, so you know you are getting your money’s worth.

We wish you Happy Shopping and hope you quickly find your perfect gold ear cuff.

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