Ole LynggaardSpecial Edition Pendant Gold, Diamonds, Pearls

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Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen presents an elegant gold earring pendant embellished with gemstones. A special edition piece, especially beautiful with the Shooting Stars studs, this earring pendant is crafted in solid 18 karat yellow gold. Seven diamonds weighing a total of 0.06 carat, a white freshwater pearl, a white lapis lazuli, and a blush moonstone add to the exquisitely designed, graceful earring pendant.

  • 18k gold earring pendant, sold as a separate piece
  • 7 x TW.VS white diamonds, 0.06ct.
  • White freshwater pearl, lapis lazuli, and blush moonstone
  • Length: 8cm
  • Colour: Gold, pink, white, blue

What's the story

Goldsmith and designer, Ole Lynggaard, established his namesake brand in 1963 in Hellerup near Copenhagen. Over almost six decades, with the participation of members of the extended family, the brand has grown into a remarkable enterprise with 150 highly specialised employees and 6 flagship stores that engage with more than 275 global retailers. At present, the company is led by three generations: Ole, his children Charlotte and Søren, and granddaughter Sofia, making Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen a family enterprise in the truest sense. Every piece of jewellery that emerges from the brand’s atelier is designed by Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard. Their designs are crafted to perfection and brought to life by their in-house team of 40 expert goldsmiths and close external partners. Nature is the muse for Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The brand translates the delicate forms of nature in a playful blend of gold and gemstones through their unique designs. Charlotte Lynggaard’s Shooting Stars Collection is a perfect embodiment of this design philosophy.

What's great about it

This delicate earring pendant will drop to your shoulders and sway with the gentle movement of your head. The twinkle of the diamonds that resemble a star and the soft gleam of the pearl that is reminiscent of the moon add a subtle brilliance. The deep blue of lapis lazuli is a vivid accent of colour and is beautifully contrasted by the delicate pink of the blush moonstone, adding colour to the white-and-gold aura. Shooting stars, believed to fulfil wishes, are the inspiration behind the eponymous collection. The collection is an ode to the night sky with its millions of twinkling stars. Modelled in 18 karat solid yellow gold, it is adorned with six white diamonds with a total weight of 0.06 carat set in the form of a star, a freshwater pearl, a lapis lazuli, followed by a bezel-set diamond and a blush moonstone. When worn with the Shooting Star ear stud from this collection, the 8cm long pendant resembles the sparkling tail of a star.

How to wear it

Paired with the Shooting Stars stud, this Special Edition Pendant will complement all your outfits and can be worn on any occasion. The unique combination of gold and gemstones is sure to bring out a freshness and highlight the confident woman in you. Six of the diamonds in the earring-pendant are set in a manner that resembles the Shooting Star ear stud, and forms the common motif between the pendant and the stud, which is why the Shooting Star studs are the recommended pairing for this earring pendant. This earring pendant is sold as a single piece, but nothing stops you from wearing a pair if you prefer. You can also combine it with other pieces from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s vast collections.

Why we love it

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is a faithful upholder of Scandinavian jewellery design traditions and is favoured by the Royal Danish Court. With its deep-rooted passion for creativity, supported by its focus on processing and quality, this iconic brand has made real the concept of timeless jewellery. So, do not hesitate; just go ahead and add this dainty Special Edition Pendant from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen to your personal collection. We are confident you will be the proud owner of an everlasting piece of Danish heritage that can be passed on with love to future generations.

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