Nina WebrinkReflection Ring Gold, White lab-gown diamonds

22.240 DKK

Rings in 18k responsibly sourced solid gold with 0.30ct emerald cut labratory grown diamonds, TW vs CVD. The rings can be used both together and seperately. Laboratorycreated diamonds, also known as lab-grown diamonds, are pure carbon diamonds grown in highly-controlled laboratory conditions that simulate the Earth’s natural growing process, above ground. The results yield real diamonds that are physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds. While people have experimented with diamond growing technology for more than a century, it has only been in the last decade that they’ve been able to perfect the science of creating gem-quality man made diamonds in a modern-day lab. With today’s technological advances, Nina Webrink are growing diamonds that are free of conflict and superior in every way to earth-mined diamonds. Nina Webrinks works with lab-grown diamonds because they are CO2 friendly, Conflict free and Cost less for both consumer as nature. As the ring is "made to order", please expect a delivery time of 21 days.

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