Nina WebrinkSpeed of Light Earrings Gold

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A delicately charming pair, the Speed of Light Earrings from Nina Webrink’s atelier belongs to her Spacetime Collection. This beautiful pair of earrings is crafted in 18 karat gold.

  • 18k gold earrings
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Handmade in her small studio in southern Sweden, Nina Webrink focuses on sustainable pieces, which are made with a deep respect for the environment and the people involved in the process. Recycled precious metals, timeless designs, high-quality craftsmanship, lab-grown diamonds, and non-conflict gemstones form the core of the brand which make every piece valuable. Nina Webrink's Spacetime Collection is inspired by a rare image that shows the Earth under the rings of Saturn, clicked by the spacecraft Cassini. Thus, began her journey in geometrical forms, with the phenomena of space and time. The Speed of Light Earrings from this collection is inspired, as the name suggests, by the speed of light (C). It is the fastest speed at which two parts of the universe can converse with each other and a third party can see the conversation being conducted.

What's great about it

The Speed of Light Earrings will delicately nestle themselves along your earlobes to form an arc-like cuff. It seems as if two beams of light are converging with each other. The dynamism of these earrings will add a sense of gentleness and gracefulness to your appearance.

How to wear it

Traditionally, plain gold jewellery goes well with every outfit because of its understated presence. You can sport these Speed of Light Earrings with any ensemble because you will need no other ornament or accessory to capture the attention of onlookers. However, to add a dash of playfulness to your looks, we suggest pairing these earrings with the Flame Ring or the Infinity Ring from The Elements Collection, also by Nina Webrink.

Why we love it

Designer and jeweller Nina Webrink creates jewellery that tells a story. Her vision is ‘slow luxury’, an approach that embodies a holistic mindset and sustainable values. By choosing a Nina Webrink piece, we are making the choice to reduce our environmental footprint—the individual impact may be tiny, but significant, nevertheless. With a Nina Webrink piece, we are expressing gratitude to Mother Nature who sustains us. We love the core values, classic handcrafted pieces, and personalised designs of this brand. Simply don the Speed of Light Earrings if you want to make a statement that underscores your fascination with the beauty of the universe.

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