Nina WebrinkLittle flame studs Rosegold, Pink Diamonds

8.900 DKK


The small but captivating Little Flame Stud Pink, Rose Gold introduces the Elements Collection by a Swedish designer, Nina Webrink. The earrings are handcrafted in a softly hued rose gold and embellished with brilliant cut bezel-set diamonds.

  • Earrings in 18 karat rose gold
  • •1 brilliant cut diamond in each earring
  • Colour: Pink

What's the story

The history of talented creations by Nina Webrink is directly connected with her own life story. She came into jewellery from the world of sports. A former gymnast, this designer brought her passion and dynamics to shape ornaments with precious metals and gemstones. Her extreme care about the environment also finds its relevance in her precious pieces, as she uses recycled instead of newly mined gold and lab-grown diamonds rather than mined ones. The Elements Collection unveils the fascinating universe hidden in nature and the powerful magnetism of natural forces. Captured in these little earrings is the energy of fire. The dynamic swirl of the design and the sparkling diamonds are compelling and hard to ignore.

What's great about it

With the enchanting Little Flame Stud Pink in rose gold, Nina Webrink has created a tiny wearable piece that exudes both warmth and motion. Embracing the natural forces, the shape of the precious metal looks like a golden flame hugging a glowing diamond. The feel of a real flame is attained by the unique rose gold alloy created by the designer. Webrink’s jewellery combines timeless classic elegance with the raw energy of nature. Such articulate yet understated style is intended to touch the heart of a woman and offer her the freedom to express herself.

How to wear it

The Little Flame Stud earrings in rose gold are expressive while featuring an elegant and minimalist style. The sophisticated shape and clean lines offer a multitude of ways to show-off your creativity. These earrings can be confidently worn alone. However, they also offer you the option to combine them with other pieces.

Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, we admire the passion, natural energy, and tender elegance of all jewellery created by Nina Webrink. The designer encapsulates her inner world in her precious pieces, and her feelings and values deeply resonate with the aspirations of a modern woman. We love that Nina Webrink’s jewellery is not designed to tell a woman how to feel, but rather allows her the freedom to interpret each piece as she sees it. We also respect the designer’s sustainable approach, which reveals her admiration and concern for the environment. Wearing her jewellery, you can feel the eternal power of Nature and cherish the liberty to wear it any way you choose.

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