Marie MasGrand Swinging 18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. Malachite & Pearl

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The delicate beauty of the Grand Swinging Ear Cuff in rose gold is captivating. The swinging marquise-shaped element on the ear cuff ring bears a lovely green marquise malachite and a lustrous mother of pearl cabochons set back-to-back. The stones can swing or be reversed to please your mood anytime, anywhere. This fascinating ear jewel is the right choice for the bold, modern woman who wants to portray her inner spirit in a playfully graceful way. Ear cuffs do not require piercings.

  • 18k rose gold ear cuff, sold as a single
  • 0.55ct. TW green malachite and mother of pearl
  • Colour: Rose gold, green, white

What's great about it

The Paris-based jewellery brand, Marie Mas is all about finesse and distinction and the brand is about to become the reference in moving jewellery. Marie Cabirou, the founder and creative head of Marie Mas, channels the creative experience garnered from her stint with Christian Dior Couture shows, to make exciting and fun jewellery that does not disappoint. This exclusive French label caters to your desire for jewellery that is as alive and spirited as you are. With the aid of excitingly innovative, patented techniques, Marie Cabirou, composes fine jewellery that celebrates femininity, beauty, and joy in designs that will match the movements and moods of the wearer.

Why we love it

Marie Mas invites you to smile and experience the feeling of something magical. Showcasing exemplary creativity that makes luxury pieces that combine minimalism and kinesis, this French brand has revolutionised the concept of movement in jewellery. Each piece is carefully crafted to present a uniquely fascinating experience of thrilling transformations. We love Marie Mas’ fine jewellery for its beauty as well as the innovations carried by each piece. The signature of the brand is the patented moving techniques, and let's not forget the dual-sided designs where stones are set in contrasting colours giving you the freedom to choose the colour you want to show today. One of our hot favourites is the Dancing Open Ring, where a flick of your finger can change the look of the jewellery! You should try it – it’s a fantastic feeling!

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