Iris concha Silver Ear Clip w. 5 PearlsIris concha Silver Ear Clip w. 5 Pearls
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Vibe Harsløf Jewelry

Iris concha Silver Ear Clip w. 5 Pearls
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Curves 9K Gold Ear Cuff w. Pearls
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Pernille Lauridsen

Curves 9K Gold Ear Cuff w. Pearls
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Iris Silver Ear Clip w. 2 PearlsIris Silver Ear Clip w. 2 Pearls
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Vibe Harsløf Jewelry

Iris Silver Ear Clip w. 2 Pearls
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Iris Gold Plated Ear Clip w. 2 PearlsIris Gold Plated Ear Clip w. 2 Pearls
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Vibe Harsløf Jewelry

Iris Gold Plated Ear Clip w. 2 Pearls
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Iris concha Gold Plated Ear Clip w. 5 PearlsIris concha Gold Plated Ear Clip w. 5 Pearls
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Vibe Harsløf Jewelry

Iris concha Gold Plated Ear Clip w. 5 Pearls
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Curves Silver Ear Cuff w. Pearls
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Pernille Lauridsen

Curves Silver Ear Cuff w. Pearls
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Grand Swinging 18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. Malachite & PearlGrand Swinging 18K Rosegold Ear Cuff w. Malachite & Pearl
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Floating Pearl Earcuff 05Floating Pearl Earcuff 05
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Floating Pearl Earcuff 05
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Floating Pearl Diamond Line Earcuff 05Floating Pearl Diamond Line Earcuff 05
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Wear a pearl ear cuff to tell your beautiful, romantic, and feminine story. When you can't just add more ear piercings to accommodate that extra unique pearl earring, you can have a pearl ear cuff. That's the beauty of cuff earrings – they are cleverly designed to give a multiple-earring look without the hassle of getting ear piercings. We have pearl cuff earrings to adorn every part of your outer ear because some of us just can't have enough pearls or earrings! Just look at some of these designer one-of-a-kind pearl ear jewels that you simply cannot resist!

• Who needs an ear cuff?
• Styling with pearl ear cuffs
• How to secure your pearl ear cuff

Ear cuff magic

Ear cuffs are new jewellery styles that have found a place in jewellery boxes across the globe. Their exquisite and versatile design allows you to wear them regardless of whether you have piercings or not, anytime, anywhere with any outfit.

Effortless styling with pearl cuff earrings
A pearl ear cuff is a girl's dress-up friend. Pearls go with every kind of outfit, adding grace and style as no other accessory can. You can always wear cuff earrings if you have zero piercings, one, two, or more.

A pearl ear cuff can be your go-to accessory for any event on any day. You can never go wrong with a pearl cuff; wear them for a morning wedding or a red-carpet evening event. Small pearl cuffs are excellent worn with workwear or for a fun get-together with the gals. A statement pearl cuff is simply stunning when worn as a single earpiece with off-shoulder gowns.

Pearl ear cuff designs

When you shop for peal ear cuffs you will find many different design variations. Each type is designed to fit the outer ear cartilage starting at the lobe as a second or third earring would, mid-ear, or upper ear (helix).

♥ The classic styles have simple circular c-shapes. They may be adorned with pearls or a mix of gemstones and diamonds in varying thicknesses and are adjustable. You can place them anywhere from the lobe to the helix. Once placed, an ear cuff is secured by squeezing so that the natural pressure of the metal ends holds them in place. When you put on the cuff, squeeze the ends tight to be comfortably secure.

♥ Some ear cuff styles are designed to wrap around multiple parts of your ear and are also called ear wraps. These styles are the statement pieces of the ear cuff category and can come in fantastic designs that incorporate beautiful coloured stones and pearls to resemble spirals and waves.

♥ Ear hooks are cuffs that fit over the top of the ear, intricately designed to curve around the helix or ear lobe bearing beautiful gemstones like diamonds, pearls or drop pendant chains. Depending on the length of the design the cuff can include, hidden clips that secure from behind the ear cartilage or hooks.

Styling tip
Wear your pearl ear cuff with the pearls on the top with the curved clincher going behind the ear to support from behind. The pearl(s) will snugly adorn the inside rim of your ear.

Styling your pearl ear cuff

Ear cuffs set with pearls are versatile, elegant and refined accessories that make a statement, also symbolising good fortune and prosperity. Pearls in pristine white, lustrous cream and rosy hues can adorn your beautiful ear.

Single or paired?
Pearl ear cuffs are often sold as single pieces for the left or right ear. Ear cuff pairs give you the pierced earring look, effortlessly.

Asymmetric styling with a single pearl ear cuff
If asymmetry is the look we aim for, you can buy a single and create your own look. Try wearing a pearl ear cuff on your left ear and studs and chain earrings on your right ear for a chic asymmetric look.

Or choose a glorious statement ear cuff that extends over the entire ear. Choose a statement pearl helix cuff for your left or right ear. Also called ear jackets or ear hooks these bold and beautiful pieces are designed as a single earpiece for a spectacular effect. When you wear a statement pearl ear cuff, leave your neck and arms bare and let your outfit and style do the talking all night.

Symmetric styling with pearl ear cuffs
Smaller C-shaped cuffs can be worn on both ears in varying numbers or design combinations. The small cuffs are huggie-hoop addons or substitutes and come in various sizes starting at 8mm to 1.5cm. Buy a pair of the beautiful dainty pearl ear cuffs to make an effortlessly chic symmetric look.

How do you secure the pearl ear cuff?

Ear jewels with pearls, diamonds or gemstones are valuable and you do not want to lose them. An ear cuff is ergonomically designed to fit over your outer ear cartilage. If positioned and placed correctly, your pearl ear cuff will not fall off. Here are a few pointers to secure your ear cuff.

♦ Make sure the "pinch" is secure
♦ Choose to place the cuff on the part of the ear helix that's ideal for its dimensions (so the cuff has something to hold on to)
♦ Check them semi-regularly to see if they have shifted or moved since putting them on

If you don't like to pierce your ears, but want to wear ear jewellery, you can choose an ear cuff. All you need is an adventurous spirit and an overflowing desire to wear earrings. If you think "more the merrier" then an ear cuff is your pal for life. We hope you like our curated selection of ear cuffs and find several for your own collection here. Contact us if you have further questions or queries. We are delighted to give you all the guidance you need.

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