EngelbertAbsolutely Knot 18K Gold Bangle

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This classic and elegant bangle comes to you from the Engelbert Absolutely Knot line of jewellery. Crafted in 18 karat gold, it bears the beautifully designed golden Absolute Knot with a slim yellow gold band.

  • 18k gold bangle
  • Width: 3mm
  • Diameter: 58mm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Engelbert Stockholm is an award-winning brand of jewellery and a well-respected name with a fine heritage of over a hundred years. Founded by Heribert Engelbert in 1920, the brand has been nurtured by generations as a family business and continues to uphold its traditional cultural values. At the same time, it keeps up with the times by producing exclusive and contemporary designs to please the modern woman who values beauty and quality in all she chooses. Engelbert’s chief designer is Thomas Carlsson, who has extensive experience in jewellery design. He has been the force behind the brand’s well-loved collections for over thirty years. Every piece of Engelbert jewellery is crafted by expert goldsmiths and gem setters with extensive training and experience. Every piece is accentuated by the design aesthetic and high manufacturing standards typical of Swedish art jewellery and distinct Scandinavian tradition.

What's great about it

As is typical of Engelbert Stockholm jewellery, this classic gold bangle with the two-toned knot is a beautiful reminder of your commitment to something you hold precious, a reminder that stands out for its simplicity and fine craftsmanship. Fashioned in highly polished 18 karat whitegold, it features the signature knot that includes an entwined thin band of yellow gold. The knot is a central feature in the Absolutely Knot Collection. A knot symbolises a promise and has been a common motif in jewellery through the ages. It signifies a bond and stands as a metaphor for commitment and love. The knot in this bangle is simple. It is composed of two intertwined loops, which form the focal point at the bangle's centre. The simple gold knot is a beautiful reminder crafted in elegant sophestication. This jewelry piece is sure to attract a woman of discerning taste who prefers to present herself with quiet elegance accessorised with minimalistic design elements.

How to wear it

Wear this beautiful creation with confidence on a regular workday or to a high power meeting. Wear it with a casual outfit for a day out with friends or when you are dressed up for a special event. Its highly polished finish in gold will match any clothing colour or style. For added chic, wear this gold bangle with other bangles and rings from the Absolutely Knot line of jewellery. Combine it with the whitegold and/or rosegold bangles for a stylish two- or even three-tone look. Or, present an even more fashionable appearance by wearing two or three Absolutely Knot gold bangles together. The possibilities are endless, you will agree.

Why we love it

Once again, Engelbert Stockholm presents a winning collection of beautiful jewellery that emphatically spells exquisite design, flawless finish, good taste, and class. Every piece in this collection is thoughtfully designed and expertly made to adorn your wrists and fingers. At The Jewellery Room, we are particularly impressed by Engelbert Stockholm’s exclusive treasures from this renowned jewellery designer. Jewellery by Engelbert Stockholm has a fine balance between expert artisanship and contemporary design. It is a coveted brand, favoured by women of discerning taste, who love the beautiful and luxurious feel of fine jewellery. The Engelbert Absolutely Knot bangle in gold is a perfect example of stylish simplicity that is bound to appeal to today's woman who keeps her promises and wears her confidence unabashedly.

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