Bergsoe JewellerySeafire 0.02 Ring Gold, Silver, Diamond

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This beautiful organically shaped Seafire Ring from Bergsøe combines gold and silver and is set with a 0.02 TW vs brillant cut diamond.

  • Gold and silver combination in a wave design
  • 0.02 TW vs brillant cut diamond.
  • Embellished with 3 gold knobs
  • Colour: Gold, silver, champagne

What's the story

This delicately designed ring, an original creation from the Seafire collection, combines gold and silver, reflecting the spirit of the sea and fire in design and materials. Designer Josephine Bergsøe, the founder of Bergsøe Jewellery, is a metalsmith and jewellery designer known for her innovative, contemporary, and exclusive designs, which have become sought after by A-list celebrities. Handmade in their workshop in Copenhagen, each piece differs slightly from the other, to deliver a unique and personal work of art for the wearer.

What's great about it

This Seafire Ring has a beautiful curved design, enhanced by gold knobs placed in an asymmetrical pattern. The combination of high-quality gold and oxidised silver, embellished with a perfectly set 0.02 carat champagne diamond, gives the piece a sophisticated look. The ring is not only a tribute to artisanship but also a signature of Josephine Bergsøe’s design sense that focuses on the individuality of materials and perfection of details.

How to wear it

The slim design of the Bergsøe Seafire Ring makes it easy and comfortable to wear. Its unique combination of gold, silver, and diamond is unconventional, making it stand out when worn with other items of jewellery, but without overpowering them. Its delicate and organic design is flattering on the hands, and your fingers appear long and slender. The Seafire Ring is designed to complement other pieces from the Collection for maximum impact, yet holds its own as a solo piece for its simplicity and style.

Why we love it

Known for her bespoke quality designs, Josephine Bergsøe’s Seafire Ring is no exception. We love this piece because it is elegant, exquisitely made, and unique in design. The combination of gold and silver with the perfectly placed champagne diamond and gold knobs makes the ring and its wearer stand out in a crowd. Worn by Danish royalty, Josephine Bergsøe’s stunning jewellery is sculpted to the highest standards with premium quality materials. Each piece of jewellery from Bergsøe is handcrafted and, therefore, one of a kind. It is the perfect ring for a woman who cherishes her individuality. The Seafire Collection combines style, quality, and craftsmanship, offering a unique Danish design that is both affordable and wearable. Each piece is an exceptional work of art and reflects the daring spirit of the designer.

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