Bergsoe JewellerySemper Ring Gold, Aquamarine, White Diamonds

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The distinctive Semper Ring is handcrafted in a fusion of 18 and 22 karat gold. Appearing as two separate rings, the piece is set with a stunning cabochon aquamarine, a 0.26 carat pear shaped diamond, two champagne brilliant cut diamonds of 0.04 carat each, and TW VS brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.02 carat and 0.10 carat.

  • 18k and 22k gold ring
  • 1x0.26ct TW.VS pear-shaped diamond
  • 2x0.04ct TW.VS champagne brilliant cut diamonds
  • 1x0.02ct TW.VS and 1x0.10ct TW.VS brilliant cut diamonds
  • 1 aquamarine
  • Available sizes: 49-59
  • Colour: Gold, green, white

What's the story

Ultramodern style and exclusive craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the Bergsøe brand. Josephine Bergsøe, a talented designer and metalsmith, started the label in Copenhagen, where the brand’s flagship store still locates. The outstanding pieces produced by Bergsøe’s gifted creator have been displayed in museums and art galleries worldwide. A commissioned jeweller of the Royal family of Denmark, Josephine Bergsøe crafts her stunning pieces with a distinguished approach to each precious gemstone. The fascinating Semper Ring is unique in both form and composition. Shaped as two separate rings, which are fused together at the bottom, it is a charming reminder of eternal values and intrinsic bonds.

What's great about it

The one-of-a-kind Semper Ring, in a fusion of 18 and 22 karat gold, enchants and creates a sensual aura with its dazzling gemstones. The largest gem in the composition is a distinctive cabochon aquamarine, which is highlighted by a pear-shaped diamond, two champagne brilliant cut diamonds, and brilliant cut diamonds. The audaciously modern design, asymmetrical pattern, and organic shape make the Semper Ring enthralling. Appearing like separate elements, the two parts of the ring are, in fact, intertwined, symbolising the feelings and bonds that last forever.

How to wear it

With its cutting-edge style and novel interpretation of precious metals and gemstones, this enchanting Semper Ring by Bergsøe is easy and convenient to wear. The gemstones reflect deep emotions, making the ring perfect to wear with various kinds of outfits. This fascinating ring will make you feel unique, cherish your inner sensuality, and encapsulate the feelings you want to last for a lifetime.

Why we love it

Josephine Bergsøe is an outstanding artist with worldwide recognition. Her unmatched approach to creating jewellery has made Bergsøe an aspirational brand for sophisticated, modern ladies. At The Jewellery Room, we love Bergsøe’s bespoke jewellery for the remarkable combinations of colourful gemstones and the unique look and feel of every piece of their jewellery. A pleasure to wear, Bergsøe’s precious pieces convey the character of natural gemstones to their best advantage. Irresistible, charismatic, and meaningful, the Semper Ring by Bergsøe will undoubtedly resonate with your innermost feelings.

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