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Bergsøe Jewellery

Bergsoe Jewellery gives you one of a kind pieces found nowhere else. All designs are meticulously hand-crafted in the label’s Copenhagen studio and is a true art piece, that must be seen in real life to really grasp the fine jewellery craftmanship.

About Bergsøe Jewellery

Begsoe Jewellery design is one of a kind exclusive contemporary pieces flourishing with a plethora of colourful gemstones and fine details. The brand is based in Copenhagen and has its own flagship store, only a few streets from The Jewellery Room’s showroom. The jewellery is only retailed at selected retailers in Denmark, Europe and North America. The Jewellery Room is proud to be one of them.

Bergsoe’s jewellery is meticulously hand-crafted in the label’s Copenhagen studio. Every design that leaves the boutique is a true art piece and must be seen in real life to really grasp the fine jewellery craftmanship.

Bergsøe Jewellery – A famous brand

Bergsoe Jewellery has been displayed in design galleries and art museums all over the world from Denmark, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Moscow to Beijing and New York. If you fall in love with Bergsoe’s organic universe of gems, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice or for facilitation the commissioning of exclusive pieces.

Due it’s originality, Bergsoe Jewellery has also been commissioned to create designs for the Royal family of Denmark and furthermore has an array of exclusive international clients including; Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close to name just a few. Latest you might have seen Bergsoe’s design sparkle on BBC’s drama, The Night Manager.

Bergsøe Jewellery – About the Designer

Bergsoe Jewellery was founded by jewellery designer and metalsmith, Josephine Bergsøe. Josephine Bergsøe is known for her cutting edge contemporary and exclusive jewellery design. She began her undistinguishable brand in her hometown Copenhagen, with a clear focus on the individuality of materials and a very detailed perfection.

What makes Josephine Bergsøe’s jewellery design unique is her approach to harnessing precious gemstones, diamonds and pearls, and the way she combines sustainable high karat golds with blackened silver and kaleidoscopic gemstones for an unconventional appeal. Yet, despite presenting very ornamented pieces, Bergsoe’s jewellery design is affordable and most importantly; wearable. Josephine Bergsoe is in other words renowned for her unique aesthetic, which is the foundation of distinctive brand with a textural design aesthetic.

Bergsøe Jewellery – Why we love it

In today’s world there are so many jewellery designers and brands out there. Many very talented but also often presenting collections dictated by trends where. Even for us as experts in the industry, it can be hard to tell from which designer certain items originate. With Bergsoe’s Jewellery however, you are never in doubt. Josephine Bergsoe’s designs are synonymous with one of a kind original exclusive jewellery and a cutting-edge perfection.

This along with uniqueness and true craftmanship are values we put very high at The Jewellery Room. Josephine Bergsoe’s designs encapsulate exactly these values. Her jewellery organically grows from the precious gems, pearls and different cut diamonds she uses and we love how she focuses on individuality of the materials and the unique mix of high karat gold and blackened silver, she applies to accent the unique stones she chooses. Furthermore, we want to give you only the best and with a long list of celebrity and royal fans we assure you – you are in A-list company choosing a design from Bergsoe Jewellery.


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