Bergsoe JewellerySpiral Earrings Gold, White Brilliants, Yellow Opals

5.250 DKK


The Bergsøe Spiral Earrings Yellow is set with Fire Opals and two Champagne brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.06 carats. The earrings are made of 18 and 22 karat gold. The diameter of the earrings is 1cm each.

  • 18k and 22k gold
  • 0.02 ct. & 0.04 ct. Champagne brilliant cut diamonds
  • Fire Opals
  • Diameter: 1cm
  • Colour: Gold, white, yellow

What's the story

The widely-celebrated designer Josephine Bergsøe’s jewellery has been displayed in well-known art galleries the world over and is sold only at exclusive retail outlets in Denmark, Europe, and North America. The originality and uniqueness of her artistic designs are second to none. Bergsøe has been commissioned by the Royal Family of Denmark to fashion exclusive pieces for them. Hollywood celebrities too are patrons of Bergsøe’s exclusive and contemporary jewellery. The gold Spiral earrings are set with two sparkling 0.06 carat Champagne brilliant cut diamonds and ravishing Fire Opals.These earrings, made of 18 and 22 karat gold, are a definite fashion statement with their coil shape and dangling Fire Opal pendant design. The earrings are 1 cm each in diameter, ideal for all facial shapes.

What's great about it

The distinctive Spiral Earrings with Fire Opals fit the modern woman well. Its spiral shape combined with a hoop design makes it a contemporary piece. Opals are associated with love and passion and are also attributed with calming energy. So, anywhere you go, wearing this Spiral Earrings exhibits your calmness and strength to the onlookers.

How to wear it

The 18 and 22 karat gold spiralling band, embossed with 0.06-carat brilliant cut diamonds form the crux of the Spiral Earrings. The bright yellow Fire Opals hang by a spring adding charm to the piece. Flaunt the earrings with a matching bangle or bracelet to complete your look. These earrings are standalone pieces that resempble a stylish second piercing and are therefore best worn by themselves! To add some flair to your collared dress-shirt, pair it with your gold Spiral Earrings.

Why we love it

Jewellery designer and metalsmith, Josephine Bergsøe is sought after by international clients, celebrities and Royalty. This speaks much about the quality and craftsmanship of the Bergsøe designs. The Spiral Earrings with Fire Opals are a matchless possession to add a touch of exclusivity to your persona and intensify your emotional state to release your inhibitions. We would blindly recommend this piece as a must-have for all contemporary women!

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