Bergsoe JewellerySpiral Earrings Gold, Champagne Diamonds

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Make a statement with these dramatic, one-of-a-kind, handmade spiral earrings in 18 and 22 karat gold, set with two brilliant cut champagne coloured diamonds with a total weight of 0.08 carats.

  • 18k and 22k gold spiral earrings
  • 2x0.04ct. champagne coloured brilliant cut diamonds
  • Diameter: 1cm
  • Colour: Gold, champagne

What's the story

Worn by Danish royalty, designer Josephine Bergsøe’s stunning jewellery is handcrafted to the highest standards with premium quality materials. Based in Copenhagen, Bergsoe’s exclusive contemporary designs are sought after by A-list celebrities. Each piece is a unique work of art, often featured in art galleries and exhibitions, and reflects the daring spirit of the designer. Champagne and gold! A fitting combination for the stars. Each of these 18 and 22 karat yellow gold spirals is exquisitely set with a brilliant cut champagne coloured diamond of 0.04 carats. The gold-on-gold hues of champagne diamonds set against yellow gold perfectly highlight the gleam and sparkle of this stunning design.

What's great about it

Designed for the stylish, contemporary woman who likes to stand out, the unusual spiral shape of these unique earrings is perfectly complemented by the golden champagne colour of the brilliant cut diamonds. The one-of-a-kind pieces from Josephine Bergsøe are sought-after for their audacious originality and exclusive quality.

How to wear it

Add a touch of unconventionality to everyday wear or glamour up for a special occasion with these statement spiral earrings, subtly embellished with golden sparkle. Bergsøe jewellery is designed to be worn solo for pared-down simplicity or combined with other remarkable pieces in the collection for dramatic appeal. The spiral earring twists on and cleverly mimics the popular look of a trendy double piercing. The diameter of the slim spiral is an eminently wearable 1 cm. It looks tastefully elegant, while retaining the wow factor.

Why we love it

Every item in the collection is immediately recognisable as an exclusive Josephine Bergsøe design, and these spiral gold earrings are no exception. Her style is organic, growing the piece out of the materials and creating timeless Danish designs, which are affordable and wearable. Premium quality materials and cutting-edge design make Bergsøe jewellery investment pieces that are owned and treasured for life. It is little wonder that celebrities and royalty alike have endorsed the Bergsøe brand by commissioning speciality items. Bergsøe is synonymous with original, unique and luxurious jewellery, embodying the unconventional, daring spirit of its talented and acclaimed designer.

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