Bergsoe JewellerySeafire 0.04 Ring Gold, White Diamond

4.900 DKK


Seafire ring from Bergsøe in a beautiful mix of 18 and 22 karat gold set with a 0.04 carat champagne brilliant cut diamond.

  • 18k & 22k gold ring
  • 0.04ct. champagne diamond
  • 3 gold knobs
  • Colour: Gold, champagne

What's the story

Whether it is rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, you won’t find any straight lines or rigid shapes in a Bergsoe design, everything is organic and absolutely comfortable to wear. Each piece of jewellery by BERGSOE is unique, as it is handmade in the workshop in Copenhagen and therefore each ring differs slightly from each other, which makes it even more perfect and personal.

What's great about it

This beautiful Seafire ring in 22 karat and 18 karat gold has 3 gold knobs nicely placed in an asymmetrical pattern, as well as a gold-set champagne diamond of 0.04 carat, that is perfectly placed and gives the ring a refined look. The ring is designed by Danish Josephine Bergsøe and has a sleek beautiful organic design and the curved shape of the ring rail is one of the characteristics behind a Bergsøe piece of jewellery.

How to wear it

A slim ring will often make your fingers look longer and slimmer. And this Seafire ring is both beautiful and perfect to mix and match with your other jewellery. The ring's narrow design makes the ring easy and comfortable to wear. It sits undisturbed on the finger no matter which finger you choose to wear it on. The delicate shape of the ring makes it wearable and we promise it will suit your fingers.

Why we love it

We love the bespoke designs that always come from Josephine Bergsøe, and we have chosen the Seafire ring as it is elegant and uncomplicated. Wearing a Seafire ring from Bergsoe, you will instantly feel exclusive and unique. If you, like us, believe that your jewellery should be of the highest quality and in precious materials, Bergsøe’s Seafire collection is an unsurpassed choice. It is classic without being subtle as it stands out with the small gold knobs and highlighted by a perfectly placed sparkling diamond. The beauty of a Bergsoe piece of jewellery is that each piece is completely unique, it is true craftsmanship at its best and it is the highest standard of unique Danish design.

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