VRAIBrilliant Round 4-Stone Ear Arc Earring Gold

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The VRAI Diamond Ear Arc is stunning in design and reinvented to create a play of light ensuring maximum brilliance, each lab-grown diamond sits pretty in an inventive prongl setting of 14 karat gold. The brilliant diamond earring is designed to follow the curve of your earlobe and holds the promise of a style that is a statement of individuality and a future that is sustainable. This earring can be worn solo or used as a pair. You will need to choose the piece for the left or right ear, or as a pair.

  • 14k gold ear arc, sold as single or a pair
  • Side: Choose L / R
  • 4x VRAI lab-grown diamonds
  • Diamond weight: 1.66ct. TW; clarity: VS2+; colour: G-J
  • Diamond shape: Round brilliant; Setting: Signature three-prong
  • Earring length: 14mm
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's great about it

Offering timeless diamond jewellery that is mastercrafted with a scintillating touch of freshness, the house of VRAI captures sheer delight in its eco-gentle creations. The Solitaire Collection from VRAI features six classic diamond cuts in the signature VRAI open-back gallery settings in solid recycled gold. Each classical diamond cut spills light from all directions with a hint of a metallic prong peeking from behind. VRAI is a pathbreaker in its pursuit of sustainability in jewellery and contributes to the promise of tomorrow with its impeccable standards of sustainability.

Why we love it

If you love the earth and diamonds too, look no further than VRAI! The Jewellery Room loves this brand for its minimal aesthetics blending classic brilliance with contemporary vibes. We share VRAI’s passion for both timeless quality diamond jewellery and the hope of a sweeter future for all. Truly viable sustainability rests on creating new solutions that leave the earth unblemished for the ages to come. This is just what VRAI has achieved through its policy of using only recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds that stun with their perfection and customisability. In addition to its commitment to “true to future” values, VRAI supports a variety of social causes that cater to a brighter and kinder world.

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