Sigrun - Conscious JewelleryExtra Long Earrings Gold Plated

3.000 DKK


The glamorously stylish Extra Long Earrings from Sigrun - Conscious Jewellery is made of reclaimed silver with a 24 karat gold plated finish.

  • 24k gold plated earrings
  • Length: 10.7cm
  • Width: 1cm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Inspired by the diverse and exquisite beauty of nature, Sigrun - Conscious Jewellery is a brand that cares deeply for sustainable ways of creating fine jewellery. The founder of this eponymous brand, Sigrun, is also the creative genius behind the label’s collections of inventive and evocative designs. For as long as she can remember, Sigrun has been involved with jewellery. Her penchant for jewellery making began in her grandfather’s smithy when she was a child. Sigrun went on to pursue her passion, combining it with an all-pervasive creed of sustainability. She works with reclaimed metals and certified, conflict-free diamonds, adopting new and experimental techniques that are sustainable and earth-friendly.

What's great about it

The Extra Long Earrings in 24 karat gold-plated, reclaimed silver, from the Oh My Darling Collection, make an impressive statement of style and effortless glamour. The hand-sculpted components have a striking crumpled texture and are linked together to form these intriguing earrings that are seductively bold in design and vibe. Designed exclusively for the vivacious urban diva who flaunts her vibrant fashion sense unapologetically, the Extra Long Earrings are sure to draw attention whenever they are worn.

How to wear it

A matchless piece of statement jewellery, this pair of 24 karat gold-plated Extra Long Earrings is glitz and glamour through and through. These gorgeous earrings are perfect for every fun night party, and are guaranteed to draw attention every time you sport them. Flamboyant enough to carry the look all by itself, this stylish pair will jazz up your haute couture evening gowns as well as slinky minis with equal ease. Wear them as a symbol of your exuberant spirit and vitality.

Why we love it

Sigrun - Conscious Jewellery is committed to handcrafting spectacular jewellery that does not harm the beautiful nature that it draws inspiration from. Always mindful of the environment, this remarkable brand uses only reclaimed materials whenever possible, contributing to sustainability at every point in the value chain. The Jewellery Room is in love with the unique allure of Sigrun - Conscious Jewellery with its unconventional interpretations of classic designs in a fascinating array of textures and finishes.

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