Ro CopenhagenFryd Diamond Stud Earring S Gold, White Diamonds

3.800 DKK


Add to your flair with this stunning 18 karat yellow gold stud earring. Three brilliant cut diamonds, stylishly set in a trianglar arrangement, held together by golden prongs. Each diamond weighs 0.025 carats, and the brilliant cut of the stones ensures that the earring sparkles elegantly when worn.

  • 18k yellow gold ear stud, sold as a single piece
  • 3 brilliant cut diamonds, each weighing 0.025ct. TW.VS
  • Measurements: 4x4mm
  • Size: S
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's the story

This striking earring is a part of the Fryd Collection, designed by Helle Leiberg Nissen, the founder of Ro Copenhagen. Nissen’s jewellery designs are always something more than just charming accessories. She invests a lot of thought into her designs, bringing you jewellery that is stylish, yet inspires feelings of the inner peace. The triangular shape of this sparkling stud earring brings to mind the mysticism associated with triangles. A triangle is a symbol of balance between thought and emotion, leading the wearer to higher wisdom. By using 18 karat yellow gold, Helle Leiberg Niessen has struck a harmony between the beauty of gold and the durability of the metal, making sure your earring will last a lifetime. The brilliant-cut diamonds TW.VS in a pavé setting, give off an appealing sparkle to light up your face. The stud can be worn on its own, or combined with other ear studs, especially if you have more than one piercing on your ear. This perfectly balanced trinity of diamonds will add a timeless and elegant touch to any fashion-conscious person.

What's great about it

The Fryd Diamond Stud earring gives you plenty of versatility and choice as to how you wear it. You can wear it solo for that understated, stylish look, or pair it with other studs for a bolder style. This versatile ear stud is suitable for women of all ages. The simple design and clean lines that define this elegant piece will allow you to wear it with wild, trendy, colourful outfits just as easily as you would with more classical styles in earth tones.

How to wear it

The Fryd Diamond Stud Earring suits all social contexts. It will add a touch of classy sparkle to your business suit or a shimmering quality to that glamorous gown at a special occasion. The choice is yours. The captivating style of the earring ensures that it will complement any outfit for any event. It is sure to soon become your go-to piece of jewellery.

Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, we love this earring for its quality, versatility, and the more subtle, magical feel of the design. Helle Leiberg Nissen has crafted the Fryd Diamond Stud Earring as part of the Fryd Collection at Ro Copenhagen. The brand is associated with craftsmanship of the highest quality in Denmark. The understated, yet chic, design is so versatile that it can be worn by anyone, anywhere, making it the best choice for yourself or a gift for someone special. The triangular shape of the earring gives it an aura of magic and mysticism, making it fashionable and filled with an energy..

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