Nord By ThomsenThe small Moon Rabbit Ring Silver

4.180 DKK


The Moon Rabbit Gray ring from Nord By Thomsen is part of The Crazy Animal Collection. This is a handmade silver ring, 44mm high and 2mm thick, featuring a rabbit head 14mm wide, with diamonds for eyes.

  • Handmade silver ring with diamonds
  • Ring height: 44mm, thickness: 2mm
  • Rabbit width: 14mm
  • Colour: Grey

What's the story

Designer Mette Nordby Thomsen, the creative mind behind the Nord By Thomsen brand, finds inspiration for her designs in fairy tales, picture books, art biographies, and illustrations. Her magical muse is Snow, a fairy who is an inseparable part of Mette Nordby Thomsen’s fantasy world, the Nord. In fact, it is Snow who guides Mette through the fascinating realm of Nord and helps her find the magic needed to spur her ingenuity. The Crazy Animal Collection, characterised by its whimsical nature, is inspired by the Nord universe. The Moon Rabbit Gray from this collection is a chunky silver ring modelled into the shape of a rabbit head. Two diamonds mark the eyes of the rabbit and add an interesting detail to the ring.

What's great about it

The details and texture of the Moon Rabbit Gray ring make it a little piece of mesmerising art. The quaint rabbit head on the top of the ring gives it an offbeat character. This strikingly unique ring will surely be a conversation starter wherever you go. The moon has always held a mysterious attraction for the creative spirit. The romantic myth of the rabbit on the moon is common to many cultures across the globe, symbolising celestial creativity, fertility, and providence. This ring is meant to lift your spirits and introduce you to the magic of the fairy-tale world, where elves play with unicorns and moon rabbits go on vacation.

How to wear it

The Moon Rabbit Gray ring is a statement piece that is best sported alone. While its clean design allows you to complement it with all your outfits, be it formal or informal, it is best-suited for casual wear on a playful, adventurous outing with friends and family.

Why we love it

The Moon Rabbit Gray ring is for the bold woman who loves a touch of quirkiness in her jewellery. The eye-catching features of this ring are bound to make heads turn wherever you go. Just the right choice if you are one of those women who love a little bit of magic and imagination infused into your hectic daily life.

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