Nord By ThomsenLady Bow Gold

5.280 DKK


The Lady Bow Ring from Nord By Thomsen is a unique, handmade ring in 14 karat gold. The design belongs to the Just for Fun collection. The ring is finished in high polish, letting the bow display the shine of the precious metal.

  • 14k solid gold handcrafted ring
  • Dimensions: 17mm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Designer Mette Nordby Thomsen creates fun and playful jewellery pieces for the Nord By Thomsen collection. She is inspired by the fairytale world and tries to share some of that magic with us through her bold, character-filled creations. Every piece of jewellery she creates is of the finest quality in both craftsmanship and materials used. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted into intricate fantasy characters showing Mette’s passion for precise, carved detail that makes her jewellery infinitely unique. The Lady Bow Ring is a great example of that faithful love for detail and fun. The ring comprises a handcrafted, solid gold bow on top of a narrow, rounded band. It is cheerfully delightful, yet stylish and elegant at the same time. The carved details on the bow add interest to the design and show off the masterful craftsmanship.

What's great about it

The Lady Bow ring has elements of childlike playfulness combined with chic sophistication. The realistic, carved shape of the bow is elegant and feminine. The 14 karat gold without any gemstones gives the ring infinite versatility and can be worn as and where you want to. This ring will be loved by free-spirited women, irrespective of age, who appreciate jewellery that is charming and contemporary and, at the same time, tasteful and refined.

How to wear it

The Lady Bow Ring's fun, spunky style is timeless and classy, with a whimsical touch. The gold, metallic shimmer of the ring will pair beautifully with smart, chic outfits, fit for going to the library or an art gallery. The bow design is uncomplicated and comfortable to wear every day. It will soon become your favourite piece to wear all the time and with everything.

Why we love it

The Jewellery Room loves this simple, classy design. It is unique in style and craftsmanship. Mette Nordby Thomsen is a genius at bringing fantasy magic to life through creations that marry fine art with goldsmithing. Lady Bow Ring from the Just for Fun collection is a bewitchingly charming piece that is both feminine and sophisticated at once. If you love exceptional, high-quality jewellery, then this collection is for you.

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