Nord By ThomsenLittle star Silver

1.320 DKK


Beautifully handcrafted from silver, the Little Star Necklace from Nord By Thomsen radiates all the brilliance of a twinkling star in its appeal. Small and delicate, this star pendant adds the lustre of innocence and awe to your charismatic personality. Delicate and small, these pendants pair well with other special pendants from the Nord By Thomsen collections.

  • Silver pendant and necklace
  • Thickness: 1.7mm, Width: 8mm
  • Chain length: 45cm
  • Colour:Silver

What's great about it

Magical to the core, Nord By Thomsen ushers in a fresh and scintillating energy through its vast collections of fine imaginative jewellery. Mette Nordby Thomsen draws inspiration for her creativity from varied arts, but especially from her fairy muse, Snow and her own enchanting world of Nord, where everything is possible. Nord By Thomsen creations connect deeply to the discerning fashionista who loves meaning and adventure in her jewellery.

Why we love it

The Jewellery Room adores fabulous jewellery, especially with as spellbinding a genesis as Nord By Thomsen’s. Beautifully crafted using precious as well as unconventional materials, Nord By Thomsen jewellery impresses both eyes and hearts through the wizardry of original designs and flawless craftsmanship, all the while leading you down the dreamy paths of magical Nord.

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