Nord By ThomsenDandelion 14K Gold Necklace

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Nord By Thomsen presents a classic spinning pendant necklace in 14 karat gold, from its Spinning Silhouette Collection. The pendant is exquisitely handcrafted and bears a cut-out dandelion motif.

  • 14k gold necklace and
  • Spinning silhouette pendant with dandelion motif
  • Height: 15mm
  • Width: 17mm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Mette Nordby Thomsen is the talented jeweller and designer behind the brand Nord By Thomsen. Able to channel classical style into playful and bold designs, her skill for fine detailing shines through each piece of her jewellery. Mette Nordby Thomsen uses a range of materials—leather, wood, plastic, lace, gems, gold, silver, and diamonds— whose properties play an important part in the design process. She derives inspiration from fairy tales, illustrations, and other creative media. However, a lovely fairy creature called Snow is her primary muse along with the fantasy world of Nord that she has created for herself. The Dandelion Gold spinning pendant necklace is a fine ode to the lovely and inventive creativity of Nord By Thomsen designs.

What's great about it

This enchanting pendant with the delicate dandelion motif is typical of the inventive design, uncompromising craftsmanship, and creative fire that marks all Nord By Thomsen pieces. Dandelions are often associated with children and fairies; hence, it is no wonder that they find a place in Mette Nordby Thomsen’s fairy-tale world. With this Dandelion Gold pendant, she invites us to go on an adventure to a magical world of elves and unicorns. Women who love the inspired designs imagined by Mette Nordby Thomsen will be captivated by the bewitching beauty of the Spinning Silhouette Collection.

How to wear it

The 14 karat fine gold necklace has an understated design that perfectly offsets the spinning dandelion pendant. Reflecting Mette Nordby Thomsen’s style, the dandelion motif is simple and elegant. The magic lies in the spinning design of the round pendant which elevates it above the ordinary. The cut-out silhouette is beautifully enhanced when worn against your skin or any monochrome fabric. This Dandelion Gold necklace will make a simple style statement when worn on its own. But you can also easily pair it with the other Nord By Thomsen pieces that complement each other.

Why we love it

Every piece from Nord By Thomsen is an irresistible invitation to step into a whimsical world of enchantment. A fairy-tale universe awaits you when you select a magical piece from the Spinning Silhouette Collection. The pendants are artistically shaped such that the pattern appears as a cut-out silhouette. This necklace is an expression of a woman’s personal style that is classic, feminine, and sophisticated,complementing the unique and individual vibe that marks her other pieces of jewellery.

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