Nord By ThomsenDandelion Round 14K Gold Necklace

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As part of the Little Silhouette Collection, Nord By Thomsen presents a delicate 14 karat gold necklace and a pendant with a sawed-out dandelion motif.

  • 14k gold chain
  • Handmade pendant with a sawed-out dandelion silhouette as the motif
  • Height and width: 11x11mm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

This Dandelion cut-out necklace, designed with an artistic and mystic motif comes from the Little Silhouette Collection of Nord By Thomsen, named after the creative head behind the brand, Mette Nordby Thomsen. Nord jewellery is primarily fashioned from 14 or 18 karat gold. The delicate and minimalist jewellery with symbolic meanings are both timeless and personal. The pendants are either shaped in gold or milled, so the pattern appears as though it is engraved, or like a cutout. All Thomsen’s pieces are designed and handmade in Denmark, each one imbued with an element of spirit and fantasy -- the defining characteristic of her creations. Mette says she seeks inspiration in fairy tales, picture books, the arts, cinema and illustrations. The biggest source, however, is her ever-present muse Snow and her world, Nord -- a place draped in everything glorious, a place where elves play alongside unicorns and Moon rabbits go on vacation, a place where nothing is impossible.

What's great about it

Mixing classical style and playful, bold designs, her feeling for fine carved detail shines through every single piece in the Nord collections. When the world of Nord meets reality, something magical happens. Nordby Thomsen’s expression is sophisticated and feminine and always made in the highest quality. The round Little Silhouette Dandelion Gold pendant in 14 karat gold has a dandelion carved on the front. The design sets it apart, while the Gold imparts its class on everything and everyone.

How to wear it

This elegant and polished pendant is designed to be complemented with a gold link-chain from the same collection. The 14 karat gold dandelion silhouette pendant adds style and elegance to every kind of attire and for all special occasions.

Why we love it

The Jewellery Room loves Nordby Thomsen’s adventurous and magical world. We endorse her courage to experiment with materials and humorous expressions. Mette plays with the expression in her jewellery by mixing materials that are not normally used together – an inspiring perspective in an otherwise very traditional goldsmith industry. In Mette’s collections you will find both fine and elegant designs, as well as large and chunky statements. We love the great diversity of Mette’s glittering and playfully quirky collections and are delighted to invite you on a magical journey here.

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