Nord By ThomsenCorn chain Gold

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The Corn Chain from Nord By Thomsen is a stunning necklace in 18 karat gold. The chain is part of Nord By Thomsen’s Classic Collection.

  • 18k gold chain
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Nord By Thomsen is powered by the incredible creativity of Mette Nordby Thomsen, who draws inspiration for her marvellous works of art from fairy tales, picture books, art biographies, and illustrations. She has created for herself a fantasy world that she calls Nord, where all things are bright, beautiful, and magical. Mette Nordby Thomsen finds her creative spark energised by the lovely Snow, a fairy who guides and inspires the designer in her craft. Mette Nordby Thomsen infuses every piece in her collections with the glorious, enchanting quality of her fairy tale realm and muse. The Corn Chain is part of the Classic Collection and is exquisitely crafted in 18 karat gold. The close-set interlinks in the chain makes it appear as if tiny corn cobs are arranged in a continuous row. The chain is sold without a pendant.

What's great about it

The pretty and delicate Corn Chain radiates joy, warmth, and energy through the glow of gold. The clean and elegant design of the chain gives it a timeless appeal. Perfect for all ages, the Corn Chain is a silent stunner. The urban diva who yearns for classic designs with a gentle contemporary twist would love this alluring piece that reflects her physical grace and the strength hidden within her with equal intensity.

How to wear it

This gorgeous piece from Nord By Thomsen is truly versatile, pairing beautifully with both formal and casual ensembles. The soft shine of gold infuses your workplace styles with glamour and panache that add to your powerful persona. Pretty and lively enough for well-fitting casuals and fun summer styles, this chain is just raring to go places. That the chain is sold without a pendant adds to its versatility. You can wear it on its own, for it is an expression of elegance as such. Or, go playful and pair it with one or more vibrant pendants from the Nord By Thomsen range.

Why we love it

The Classic Collection from Nord By Thomsen stays true to the design creed of Mette Nordby Thomsen which calls for posh luxury blended with playful modern detailing. All in all, Nord By Thomsen never fails to fill us with an awe for the magical side of life across collections. The Jewellery Room loves Nord By Thomsen for its unique penchant for bewitching artistry that is limitless in inspiration.

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