MARYLOUDoodle Earpin Gold, Pink Sapphires

3.100 DKK


The Doodle Earpin is a stylish piece, moulded by hand in 14 karat gold, from MaryLou’s atelier. The beauty of the piece is enhanced by the natural sapphire and spinel gemstones inlaid in it.

  • 14k gold earpin, Sold as a single piece
  • Bezel set sapphire and spinel gemstones
  • Colour: Gold, pink

What's the story

MaryLou is a dream that came true: the dream to become a jeweller. Designer Marie-Louise, the creative genius behind the brand, meticulously crafts each of the pieces by hand. So, every MaryLou piece is unique and bears the mark of the designer. Marie-Louise’s design aesthetics appear to be inspired by the environment and its natural movements. In fact, she believes in expressing her gratitude to the environment through her jewellery. That is why you will find that every piece is made from recycled gold/silver and ethically sourced gemstones. The Doodle Earpin is a one-of-kind piece due to its gentle handcrafted nature. As its name indicates, it resembles a simple doodle with a start and end, indicated by the sapphire and spinel gemstones neatly encased in 14 karat gold. The design can also be viewed as a representation of the seawaves. How you interpret the design depends on you, which makes the piece extremely personal.

What's great about it

The Doodle Earpin has an imaginative design that piques the curiosity of people who behold it. So, rest assured that it will add an air of mystery to your aura. The piece is an ode to your inquisitive nature that drives you to seek knowledge and evolve into a better person.

How to wear it

There is a reason that the Doodle Earpin is sold as a single piece: one is enough to add pizzazz to your looks. But that wouldn’t stop you from buying an additional piece for the sake of maintaining symmetry in your appearance. But, remember that there will be a slight difference because two doodles can never be identical, and each MaryLou piece is distinct because it is handmade. Pair the Doodle Earpin with the Mentha Gold Bracelet and wear it to work to exude confidence. And when you step out to have fun, wear the Doodle Earpin solo, or with any of the Annie Rings from MaryLou to give your look a hint of playfulness.

Why we love it

If you believe in giving back to the environment, you will love owning a MaryLou piece. So, go ahead and start your personal MaryLou Collection with this Doodle Earpin.

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