MARYLOUBourgeon Floral bracelet Gold

6.500 DKK


This elegant Floral Burgeon Bracelet, crafted in 14 karat gold, is a part of MaryLou’s Bourgeon Collection. It is embellished with petite 14 karat gold knobs.

  • 14k gold bangle with gold adornments
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Marie-Louise Joensen is the creative visionary behind the MaryLou brand. She has a passion for mixing distinctive pieces to create her personal signature look. The Bourgeon Floral Bracelet is handcrafted from 14 karat gold to form an unconventionally shaped bangle with burgeoning gold knobs that give the impression of exquisite floral buds. The design symbolises growth, renewal, the cycle of life, and nature. The MaryLou Collection is distinctive, personal, and unique. It is designed by a woman for women who know their worth and value their environment.

What's great about it

MaryLou women are dreamers, filled with optimism and a hope for a brighter future. Bold design coupled with Scandinavian simplicity creates a feeling of peace and harmony within their surroundings. Environmental awareness is a key aspect of Marie-Louise’s design ethos, and in keeping with this, she commits to planting a tree every time a coloured sapphire is used or sold in her jewellery items. Beyond this, MaryLou pieces are all crafted from re-used gold. Women who purchase and wear MaryLou have the satisfaction of knowing that they, too, are making a valuable and meaningful contribution to a greener planet. The Bourgeon Floral Bracelet’s unusual design and handcrafted feel creates interest and originality, a subtle reflection of the unique women who choose to wear it.

How to wear it

Inspired by nature, the delicate bangle has an organic, rippled design, and can be worn in combination with other MaryLou pieces to create an unforgettable impression or on its own as a statement piece. Uniquely shaped to slip on and rest comfortably around the wrist, the smooth feel of handcrafted gold makes the bangle a pleasure to wear. Handcrafted in 14 karat gold, each bracelet is unique, giving every piece personal expression. Worn casually or for a glamourous occasion, the Bourgeon Floral Bracelet relates a story, creating and connecting memories.

Why we love it

The fluid movement of fine gold in an undulating form, delicately enhanced by petite gold knob details, creates a unique piece of jewellery. The Bourgeon Floral Bracelet embodies Danish craftsmanship coupled with sensitively sourced quality materials for timeless appeal. MaryLou is an up and coming brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has sparked immense interest in the industry and among women who seek an intentional, environmentally focused range of jewellery that is also aesthetically stunning.

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