Marie MasSwiveling Side Stud Earrings Rosegold, White Diamonds, Blue Topaz and Pink Amethyst

16.160 DKK


Marie Mas’ Swiveling Side Stud Earrings are crafted in 18 karat rosegold and set with 0.21 carat white diamonds and beautiful pink amethysts of 0.85 carat that swivel to reveal London blue topazes of 1.05 carat.

  • 18k rosegold stud earrings
  • 0.21ct. TW white diamonds
  • 2x0.85ct.TW pink amethyst, 2x1.05ct. TW London blue topaz
  • Diameter: 10mm, size of central stones: 5mm
  • Colour: Rosegold, white, blue, pink

Short description

Marie Mas is an exclusive French label catering to your desire for jewellery that is as alive and spirited as you are. With the aid of excitingly innovative, patented techniques, Marie Cabirou, the founder and creative head of Marie Mas, composes fine jewellery that celebrates femininity, beauty, and joy in designs that will match the movements and moods of the wearer. The delicate Swiveling Side Stud Earrings are from the Swinging Stones Collection.


Each stud of the pretty Swiveling Side Stud Earrings in rosegold features a stunning pink amethyst floating at its centre, which swivels to reveal a London blue topaz on the reverse. Paved with diamonds on one side, the dainty outer circle also swivels adding to the delightful intrigue of these ingeniously designed earrings that are perfect for the woman of elegance.

What's the story

Playful, light, and feminine, the Swiveling Side Stud Earrings complement clothing in neutral colours or soft pastel hues. The dual-sided design allows the freedom to choose pink or blue, in a variety of styles. Wear it with the Swiveling Stud Earrings and/or the Swiveling Hook Earcuff to create an unforgettable impression.

What's great about it

Exemplary creativity that reinvents luxury pieces to combine minimalism with kinetic styles lies at the heart of the Marie Mas artistry. Each piece is carefully crafted to present a uniquely fascinating experience of thrilling transformations. At The Jewellery Room, we love Marie Mas’ fine jewellery, which is admirable for its beauty as well as the technology behind it. The Swiveling Side Stud Earrings is a magical pair to admire and cherish forever.

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