EngelbertAbsolutely Slim Knot Ring Whitegold

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The delicate Absolutely Slim Knot ring is a beautiful reminder crafted in white gold.

  • 18k white gold ring
  • Design highlight: a slim knot
  • Colour: Silver

What's the story

Every piece of Engelbert Stockholm jewellery is a masterpiece of Swedish design and craftsmanship. The brand creates stylish modern designs reflecting classic Scandinavian cultural values. This elegant ring in 18 karat white gold is a part of the Knot Collection and features a slim twisted band of pale gleaming gold, a beautiful reminder of love and unity. The Engelbert designer, Thomas Carlsson, has a lifetime experience in jewellery design, which is reflected in the precision, professionalism, and perfection of each unique piece.

What's great about it

The silky smooth curved band of the Absolutely Slim Knot Ring, finishing in a tasteful knot, is a matchless accessory for everyday wear. As an exquisite memory keeper in understated white gold, it lends itself perfectly to all occasions. The design highlight symbolises friendship, affection, and love, tying the wearer to precious memories. The delicate slim band with its refined, elegant knot is flattering and perfect for showing off long slender fingers and beautiful hands.

How to wear it

The slim, fluid design of the band makes the piece comfortable and easy to wear as an everyday accessory. The knot as a design element and the understated white gold colour epitomise elegance with a twist. The perfectly symmetrical detail of the knot reflects the sophistication and contemporary look, complementing every woman who chooses to wear it. The Absolutely Slim Knot Ring is designed as part of the Engelbert collection, and can be worn in conjunction with the gem encrusted knot rings or the other size variations in the range. You could also choose one of their exquisite bangles to complement your ring!

Why we love it

Every piece of Engelbert Stockholm jewellery is crafted with passion and care, combining a 100 year tradition of Swedish jewellery design with stylish contemporary design. The long history of the family business roots the collection in a timeless culture of attention to detail and material knowledge. Wearing a piece from this collection reflects the inimitable taste and style of the wearer. The Absolutely Slim Knot Ring is an incomparable way to remember special friendships and affection. It is a symbol of faithfulness and loyalty, tying the wearer to a beautiful memory. The knot ring is both classic and playful, a perfect balance for the modern woman. An Engelbert Stockholm piece has soul, authentically created with expert craftsmanship and professionalism. Wearing this elegant ring from the Knot collection makes a woman feel stylish and unique. It is a beautiful visual reminder that she is loved and cherished.

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