Bergsoe JewelleryLeaf Necklace Gold, Blue Sapphire

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This eye-catching gold Leaf necklace is made of 18, 22 and 24 karat gold. It has a 41cm gold chain with a novel, dangling golden leaf pendant, along with beads of fire opal and a bezel-set sapphire on either side. The subtle mix of colours in white, gold, and blue marks Josephine Bergsøe’s signature twist of unlikely combinations.

  • 18, 22 and 24k gold
  • Chain length: 41cm
  • Width of Leaf pendant: 18x4mm
  • Colour: White, gold, blue

What's the story

The Leaf necklace is a one-of-a-kind design from Bergsøe Jewellery, a brand founded by jewellery designer and metalsmith, Josephine Bergsøe, known for her contemporary and exclusive jewellery design. The innovative and distinctive style of her creations have been worn by Danish royalty and several Hollywood celebrities like Meryl Streep. Every piece of Bergsøe jewellery has the mark of its designer’s unique aesthetics and her creations have been displayed in design galleries and art museums all over the world. This unique necklace has a 41 cm long delicate link-chain and a 18 mm long and 4 mm wide gold leaf pendant. The distinctive feature of the necklace is the asymmetric layout of the pendant arrangement. The gold leaf hangs from the middle of the five ringlets fused together. The ringlet on one side of the gold leaf holds a bezel-set sapphire with a diamond on the other side and a dangling fire opal bead next to it. Three beads of fire opals are at the end of the chain on the other end to add to its rare combination.

What's great about it

If you are looking for unconventional designs and like experimenting, the Leaf Necklace Blue is just the accessory for you. It is a statement not just of your style but your personality, outlook, and approach towards life. The meticulously handcrafted pieces of Bergsøe Jewellery set you apart from the rest and put you in the class of the A-lister celebs with your unique individuality.

How to wear it

You can wear it either as a single piece or together with one or two charm necklaces and accessories, depending on the occasion and the intent. You can use it as daily wear, even for office. Ideally, it will go well with a shirt or a V-neck outfit that displays the exclusive and eye-catching pendant to advantage.

Why we love it

This necklace symbolises the theme of Bergsøe Jewellery, with its unorthodox design and unusual mix of materials that make it truly singular. At The Jewellery Room we value and recommend unique creations and excellent workmanship, Josephine Bergsøe fulfils both these criteria, placing her on top of our design recommendations. If you value quality and originality, then look no further. This Gold Leaf Necklace from Bergsøe is meant for you.

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