Bergsoe JewelleryDiatom Necklace Gold, Champagne Diamonds

5.250 DKK


The unique Diatom necklace made of 18 and 22 karat yellow gold, features an unusual disc-shaped pendant, set with 1 brilliant cut, champagne diamond with a total weight of 0.04 carats.

  • 18k and 22k gold chain and pendant
  • 0.04ct. brilliant cut champagne diamond
  • Length of chain: 43cm
  • Pendant size: 1cm round
  • Colour: Gold, champagne

What's the story

Josephine Bergsøe is known for her high-quality, contemporary and unique designs. The Diatom necklace consists of a chain and a pendant. The chain is dainty and complements the minimalistic look of the pendant. The pendant’s circular shape encloses three gold knobs, asymmetrically placed. The look is balanced with a champagne-coloured diamond, weighing 0.04 carat in a bezel setting. The necklace has an organic feel of exclusivity. The use of a champagne coloured diamond instead of a white one adds subtle colour to the pendant. This is a one-of-a-kind piece for a discerning wearer who values their individuality.

What's great about it

The Bergsøe Diatom necklace adds an edgy, sophisticated quality to anything you wear. The design is timeless because it does not follow any fashion style. Instead, it presents itself as an exclusive, meticulously crafted piece of art that is as up-to-date now as it will be ten years from now. It will suit anyone who prides themselves on their individual style and who does not follow the crowd when it comes to fashion trends. The wearer of this necklace will love standing out of the crowd and knows their personal worth. The hand crafted disc is not a perfectly round circle adding unique value to the necklace. The impeccably placed champagne colour diamond changes the integral design and complements the gold knobs without being overbearing. Such attention to detail is synonymous with Josephine Bergsøe jewellery.

How to wear it

The Diatom necklace is light and comfortable to wear. It will effortlessly nestle itself around your neck on its own. It is striking enough to be worn solo if you want to make a statement. But if you like, you can mix and match it with other chains and pendants of different weights for a more eclectic ensemble. This hand-crafted piece can be worn both in the daytime and evening, making it a versatile and essential accessory.

Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, we love this piece as it strikes a perfect balance between contemporary and traditional design. The impeccably hand-crafted Bergsøe piece gives the wearer the feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness - a truly original piece for a discerning, free-spirited woman with a keen sense of individual style.

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