Anpé Atelier cphMalene 3.5 Ring Gold, White Diamond

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The delicate Malene Diamond 3.5 mm Ring is an Anpé Atelier Cph creation in 14-karat solid yellow gold from the Scandinavian Simplicity Collection. This chic piece is set with a natural VS white diamond having a total weight of 0.16 carat.

  • 14k solid yellow gold band ring
  • 1x0.16 ct. VS white diamond
  • Diameter of the diamond: 3.5mm
  • Colour: Gold, white
  • Available in two variants with different diamond sizes

What's the story

Founded in 2017 by former law practitioner turned jewellery designer Line Jacobsen, the Anpé Atelier Cph brand draws inspiration from the colourful and exotic country of Sri Lanka and fuses it with the minimalism of Scandinavia. The use of natural gemstones of myriad hues adds a striking twist to the brand’s collections crafted in 14k and 18k white or yellow gold. Determined to bring colour into jewellery boxes, Anpé Atelier Cph caters to the sensational contemporary woman with her tasteful style. Set with a 0.16 carat VS white diamond of 3.5 mm diameter in a four-prong setting, this Malene Diamond Ring in 14-karat solid yellow gold exudes a beautiful simplicity. A representative of Anpé Atelier Cph’s design philosophy, this elegant ring is also available in two variants: one with a 1.8mm diamond and the other with a 2.5mm diamond.

What's great about it

Belonging to the Scandinavian Simplicity Collection, this dainty ring is testament to the exquisite fashion instincts of the discerning diva. The solid gold piece, radiant with the brilliant diamond, speaks of hidden strength and understated glamour.

How to wear it

The Malene Diamond Ring, with its classic design and traditional gold-and-diamond combination, is the perfect accessory with formal wear in all complementary shades. This stylish piece is also great with clean-cut casuals and summer styles, uplifting the grace of your outfit with its subtle charm. This ring can be worn alone or stacked with other rings from the Scandinavian Simplicity Collection. Play with combinations by pairing it with other rings having gemstones of different colours, shapes, settings, or sizes.

Why we love it

The vibrant collections from Anpé Atelier Cph are always a joy to behold. We, at The Jewellery Room, are in love with the exemplary craftsmanship and fabulously rich hues embedded in each piece of Anpé Atelier Cph jewellery. The precious gems and fine metals together create magical pieces that can be lovingly bequeathed to future generations. Every creation is designed to tell its own unique story, adding meaning and joy to life.

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