Anni LuSun Dance Necklace Gold Plated, White Beads

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Reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean sunset, the Sun Dance Necklace is an alluring piece in gold-plated brass. The twinkle of the crystal glass stones, combined with the beauty of the shell discs and resin beads, makes the necklace unique and perfect for the modern woman who appreciates jewellery that is edgy and contemporary. Show off this necklace on a fun day at the beach with friends or family!

  • 18k gold plated brass necklace
  • Shell discs, crystal glass stones, resin beads
  • Length: Adjustable from 38cm to 44cm
  • Colour: Gold, mixed colours

What's great about it

Designer Helle Vestergaard Poulsen specialises in delicate designer jewellery made by hand. Her award-winning creations make up Anni Lu, the brand that represents everything that she holds dear and precious. Paulsen’s passion for personal style, bold colours, and a play on endless styling possibilities are captured in her captivating Ani Lu collections. These magical pieces, created from colourful beads, pearls, and precious metals, are appreciated by celebrities, royalty, and every woman and girl who likes a dash of playful colour in their jewellery statements.

Why we love it

We love Anni Lu’s versatility and vibrant expression. Delicate and feminine, this brand is a must-have for every girl’s personal collection. With playful charm, Anni Lu pieces are elegant, stylish, and inspiring styling statements. Go from classic and elegant, to cool and chic in seconds with one of these delightful pieces combined with your personal layering styles.

Anni Lu

Anni Lu is a Copenhagen based must have jewellery brand with an amazing range of fashionable jewellery essentials. It's never boring -  but always casual and chic. Every girl should have an Anni Lu piece of jewellery in her jewellery box.

Anni Lu

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