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Organic and voluptuous, the silver Lactuca Bangle is inspired by seaweed. Designed to reflect the fluid form of the seaweed found in the ocean, this creatively designed piece is crafted in 925 recycled silver to encircle the wrist in an open and single flowing movement. Notice the organic curves and clefts of the seaweed in the Lactuca Bangle highlighted by its silvery hue, that will delight you every time you wear it. Pair it with a lovely ring and pair of earrings from the same collection.

  • Recycled 925 sterling silver bangle
  • Available sizes: Size I fits wrist 16-18cm; Size II fits wrist 18-20cm
  • Colour: Silver

What's great about it

Inspired by the ocean and spellbinding in its originality, the designs from Akva Jewellery seek to catch, hold, and retain your attention. That is precisely what Cecilie, Olivia, and Tascha, the founders of Akva Jewellery, have been doing since 2018. While creating exciting and evocative jewellery of life near the ocean, Akva is also totally committed to taking care of the environment in every step of their manufacturing process, from sourcing to packaging. The brand produces all its jewellery from 100% recycled precious metals and uses only ethically sourced diamonds. No wonder Akva Jewellery appeals to the contemporary woman who appreciates the assurance that her love for unique pieces does not compromise the vitality of the world around her.

Why we love it

Ingeniously crafted, every design from Akva Jewellery pulsates with the alluring rhythm of the waves. Akva designs fully capture the incredible magic of the oceans and the life they hold. Each piece is at once humming with primal energy as well as the modern efficiency of pure style. The Jewellery Room loves Akva designs for their organic contours and perfect artistry, resulting in jewellery that future generations will cherish. The innate sophistication and fluid style of Akva are as timeless as the seas themselves. At the same time, their creed of sustainability adds to the joy of owning and wearing a stunning piece of eco-gentle jewellery.

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