Torun 18K Silver & Gold BangleTorun 18K Silver & Gold Bangle

Georg Jensen

Torun 18K Silver & Gold Bangle
3.640,00 DKK
Torun Silver BangleTorun Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen

Torun Silver Bangle
2.425,00 DKK
Mercy Hinged Silver BangleMercy Hinged Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen

Mercy Hinged Silver Bangle
4.365,00 DKK
Moonlight Grapes Silver BangleMoonlight Grapes Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Silver Bangle
3.880,00 DKK
Medium Curve Silver BangleMedium Curve Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen

Medium Curve Silver Bangle
5.335,00 DKK
Offspring Silver BangleOffspring Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen

Offspring Silver Bangle
2.185,00 DKK
Moonlight Grapes open Silver BangleMoonlight Grapes open Silver Bangle
Sold out

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes open Silver Bangle
2.525,00 DKK
Mercy open Silver BangleMercy open Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen

Mercy open Silver Bangle
2.815,00 DKK
IX Crunchy Cuff Bracelet SilverIX Crunchy Cuff Bracelet Silver

IX Studios

IX Crunchy Cuff Bracelet Silver
1.999,00 DKK
Moonlight Grapes line Silver BangleMoonlight Grapes line Silver Bangle
Sold out

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes line Silver Bangle
2.525,00 DKK
Mercy Mega Silver BangleMercy Mega Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen

Mercy Mega Silver Bangle
5.335,00 DKK
Offspring Open Silver BangleOffspring Open Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen

Offspring Open Silver Bangle
2.910,00 DKK
Anello Silver BangleAnello Silver Bangle

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Anello Silver Bangle
2.500,00 DKK
Cosmos Circle | Key Of Polarities Silver Bangle w. Turquoise
FairminedSold out
Cosmos Circle | Key Of Rythm Silver Bangle w. Laboradorite
FairminedSold out
Vega Silver Bangle
New in

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Vega Silver Bangle
1.900,00 DKK
Lactuca Silver BangleLactuca Silver Bangle

AKVA Jewellery

Lactuca Silver Bangle
3.200,00 DKK

Silver bangles, with their magical moonlight glow, are cool fashion accessories. They add grace to your wrist and can be easily teamed with other jewellery pieces to transform your look from casual to dressy in no time. If you love silver jewellery, we are sure you will love browsing through our selection of designer bangles and bracelets crafted in silver, specially curated by our founders, Charlotte and Pernille. With their eye for quality and passion for jewellery, they have selected a wide range of silver bangles designed and created by top designers and brands in Europe and abroad.

• Sterling silver bangles
• Types of bangles in silver
• Caring for your sterling silver bangle

Sterling silver bangles—the best in silver jewellery

Jewellery made of silver has been worn by both men and women for centuries and is considered to bring good fortune, health, and prosperity to the wearer. Many people who find gold, rather flashy and expensive, are drawn to silver's refined elegance and quiet sophistication.

Pure silver is too soft and prone to tarnish. The preferred alloy to make silver more durable by adding copper and other trace metals is sterling silver, which has a purity of 92.5%. When you buy a sterling silver bangle or bracelet from a reputed brand, it will be hallmarked as 925 to indicate that it is authentic and made of 92.5% pure silver.

A sterling silver bangle scores over a gold one because it is more affordable and has a youthful appeal. It is a beautiful and elegant piece of jewellery when worn alone, but wear it layered with several sterling silver bangles and bracelets in different styles for a modern and trendy look that wins you many compliments.

Silver bangle or bangle bracelet?

The terms "bangle" and "bracelet" are often used interchangeably and are also sometimes referred to as "bangle bracelets". However, there are notable differences between bangles and bracelets.

Bangles are typically rigid, closed circular pieces of jewellery that cannot be size-adjusted. You will need to choose a bangle size in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large based on your wrist and hand measurements.

Find out how to measure your wrist for beautiful bangles found here!

Bracelets are flexible bangle designs that can be opened and closed with clasps or hooks. For instance, flexible chain bracelets made of chain links in various styles or beaded bracelets that are beautiful and colourful. These styles allow you to adjust the fit from snug to loose; you just need to choose the right chain length based on your wrist size.

Find out more about bracelet sizes and fit here.

You will see on this page that sterling silver bangles and bracelets come in various styles, designs, and finishes. Each one is special and beautiful.

Here are the most popular silver bangle and bracelet styles

Solid round sterling silver bangle
This is the traditional silver bangle, which forms a rigid circle without gaps or hinges. It is easily slipped onto the wrist.

Split sterling silver bangle bracelets
Such a silver bangle has a gap in the circumference, which allows you to slip it on or off your wrist. Some such bangles can be adjusted for a snugger or looser fit.

Sterling silver bangle bracelets
A bracelet may be fixed or flexible; it can be opened and closed with a screw or a clasp to adjust the fit. A sterling silver bangle bracelet is a versatile piece of jewellery that is rigid like the traditional bangle but can be opened and closed like a bracelet. Some sterling silver bangle bracelets are oval and provide a better fit on the wrist.

Silver cuff bangles
A silver cuff bangle or cuff bracelet is a modern style of bangle bracelet that wraps around your wrist. This style of bracelet has an opening that is wide enough to allow you to slip it on from the side of your wrist from the side.

Gem-set sterling silver bracelet bangles
You will also find sterling silver bracelets and bangles set with precious gems such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls or semiprecious gemstones such as garnets, turquoise, citrines, etc.

Gold-plated and rhodium-plated sterling silver bracelets
A sterling silver bangle or bracelet may be plated to alter its colour and improve its durability. Some brands and designers offer gorgeous sterling silver bracelet bangles plated with rhodium, yellow, rose, or white gold. Such plating prevents tarnish and makes such bangle bracelets more affordable than gold ones.

A high-quality sterling silver bracelet plated with rhodium takes on the look of platinum, while one plated with 18k gold in any of its variants is so impressive that you would find it hard to tell it is not made of gold.

Caring for your sterling silver bracelet bangles

Here are a few ways of ensuring that your silver bracelet or bangle looks beautiful and lasts long:

♥ Remove your silver bangle or bracelet before a shower or a swim in the sea.
♥ Never leave your silver bangle or bracelet in water, as this will tarnish it quicker.
♥ Use a damp brush dabbed in baking soda or even toothpaste to remove the tarnish from your silver bangle bracelets. Rinse thoroughly.
♥ Wipe them dry with a soft, clean cloth before you put them away, preferably in anti-tarnish pouches.

We hope you enjoy browsing our curated selection of fine silver bangles and hope you will find the perfect one that you will enjoy wearing. if you have any questions about shipping, delivery or sizing feel free to call or chat with us. We simply love to connect with fellow jewellery lovers!

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