Pearl Jam Silver Earring-Pendant w. PearlPearl Jam Silver Earring-Pendant w. Pearl

Carré Jewellery

Pearl Jam Silver Earring-Pendant w. Pearl
180,00 DKK
IX Rustic Square Pendant SilverIX Rustic Square Pendant Silver

IX Studios

IX Rustic Square Pendant Silver
999,00 DKK
IX N Letter Silver PendantIX N Letter Silver Pendant
Great gift

IX Studios

IX N Letter Silver Pendant
From 299,00 DKK
IX Anker Silver Pendant w. MoonstoneIX Anker Silver Pendant w. Moonstone
New in
Globe Silver Pendant w. CarnelianGlobe Silver Pendant w. Carnelian

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Globe Silver Pendant w. Carnelian
From 1.450,00 DKK
Charm freshwater Silver Pendant w. PearlsCharm freshwater Silver Pendant w. Pearls

Carré Jewellery

Charm freshwater Silver Pendant w. Pearls
450,00 DKK
IX Angel Charm SilverIX Angel Charm Silver

IX Studios

IX Angel Charm Silver
From 499,00 DKK
IX Angel Pendant SilverIX Angel Pendant Silver
Great gift

IX Studios

IX Angel Pendant Silver
From 1.099,00 DKK
IX Round Pendant SilverIX Round Pendant Silver

IX Studios

IX Round Pendant Silver
799,00 DKK
IX Round Hawks Eye Pendant SilverIX Round Hawks Eye Pendant Silver
Sold out

IX Studios

IX Round Hawks Eye Pendant Silver
799,00 DKK
IX S Letter Silver PendantIX S Letter Silver Pendant
Great gift

IX Studios

IX S Letter Silver Pendant
From 299,00 DKK
The breath 18K Gold & Silver NecklaceThe breath 18K Gold & Silver Necklace


The breath 18K Gold & Silver Necklace
From 8.000,00 DKK
Who may Silver PendantWho may Silver Pendant


Who may Silver Pendant
From 700,00 DKK
IX Scorpion Pendant SilverIX Scorpion Pendant Silver

IX Studios

IX Scorpion Pendant Silver
From 399,00 DKK
Circolo Uno Silver Pendant w. ZirconiasCircolo Uno Silver Pendant w. Zirconias
New in

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Circolo Uno Silver Pendant w. Zirconias
299,00 DKK
Circolo Lungo Silver Pendant w. ZirconiasCircolo Lungo Silver Pendant w. Zirconias
New in

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Circolo Lungo Silver Pendant w. Zirconias
299,00 DKK
Twister Silver Pendant w. PearlTwister Silver Pendant w. Pearl
New in

Maria Black

Twister Silver Pendant w. Pearl
1.500,00 DKK
Piccolo Silver Necklace w. GemstonesPiccolo Silver Necklace w. Gemstones
Sold out

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Piccolo Silver Necklace w. Gemstones
1.300,00 DKK
Rose Charm Silver PendantRose Charm Silver Pendant
New in

Josephine Studio

Rose Charm Silver Pendant
945,00 DKK
Loop Thick Silver CharmLoop Thick Silver Charm
New in

Josephine Studio

Loop Thick Silver Charm
655,00 DKK
Loop Slim Silver CharmLoop Slim Silver Charm
New in

Josephine Studio

Loop Slim Silver Charm
580,00 DKK
Rose Large Silver PendantRose Large Silver Pendant
New in

Josephine Studio

Rose Large Silver Pendant
1.305,00 DKK
Eternity Mpingo Silver Pendant w. Diamond
Oskar Striped Silver PendantOskar Striped Silver Pendant
New in


Oskar Striped Silver Pendant
1.100,00 DKK

Silver pendants are personalised fashion statements. A bit of romance, a touch of elegance, and a sprinkling of glamorous lustre combine to make silver jewellery truly spectacular. The cool, elegant vibe of shiny silver pendants makes them a glorious addition to your collection. Fashioned in contemporary designs, silver pendants enable you to express your unique style. Our curators handpick the best from Europe's top-of-the-line design houses to offer you a fabulous collection.

• All you need to know about silver pendants
• Types of silver pendants
• Silver pendant designs

Why do we love silver pendants?

Silver pendants have a soft, ethereally cool glow, reminiscent of the soft rays of moonlight. A sterling silver pendant reflects a graceful, feminine vibe, steeped in calmness, beauty, and serenity. They come designed as striking bold symbols, romantic little charms, or gemstone-encrusted beauties.

Those who love our curated selection of handmade silver pendants include both lovers of statement jewellery as well as minimalists who go for soft, subtle, muted designs and tones in jewellery.

Solid facts about silver pendants and jewellery

Silver pendants are more affordable than those crafted with other precious metals like gold. But pure silver is too soft to make jewellery with and needs to be combined with other metals to make it stronger.

High-grade silver jewellery is hallmarked as 925 sterling silver, indicating that the silver used is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver mixed with metals such as copper or zinc. Most designer silver jewellery is fashioned in 925 sterling silver and finished with rhodium plating.

Handmade silver pendant designs and styles

With its cool, appealing tones, a handmade silver pendant is sought-after for its exclusive designs. It can complement any outfit and is available in many shapes and sizes. An added benefit is that it's easy on the pocket too! You can buy stunning handmade silver pendants for yourself or as gifts for friends at immensely affordable prices.

You can make sterling silver pendants a staple with your everyday outfits. You'll find fascinating pieces that can be worn on sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Style it elegantly for the workplace, layer several chains, or carry off the more spectacular pieces for celebratory events.

Silver necklace pendants

You can wear pendants strung on a pretty chain to create charming necklaces. Many women wear symbolic pendants and believe wearing one close to the heart makes it more effective. Try a single pendant or experiment with more than one on a chain. Pendants on chains can also be layered, using different chain lengths to make them stand out.

Rolo, figaro, curb, marina, and cable are popular chains for pendants. The length of the chain can vary according to the dimensions of the pendant and the measurements of your neck.

Find your pendant necklace chain length.

Silver earring pendants

Silver pendants on earrings are usually small, strung on loops or studs. These cheery accessories radiate a delightful glow and add character to your face. Beautifully handcrafted earring pendants come in versatile designs that allow them to be worn on necklace chains and bracelets too.

Silver pendants for bracelets, anklets and rings

Silver bracelet pendants add a whole new dimension of feminine grace to bracelets delicately wrapped around your wrists.

Silver anklet pendants are just as stylish, with tiny charms resting against your ankles.

Ring pendants in silver are not so common but tiny silver charms on beautiful rings reflect distinctive taste in jewellery.

Gold-plated silver pendants

Rhodium or gold-plated silver pendants are more durable, hypoallergenic, and come with beautiful textures, colours and finishes. Gold vermeil is silver with a thick coating of 18K gold. Diamond pendants or pearl pendants set in gold vermile are a treat.

Silver pendants with gemstones

Here's one way to add some sparkle and joy to your persona: Choose a birthstone or any gemstone that you feel exudes positive energy. Select a silver pendant set with a precious or semi-precious stone or crystal - or a lively combination. Silver pendants with sapphire, ruby, opal, amethyst, topaz, or quartz are striking. The timeless beauty of pearls makes silver pendants uber-special.

Unisex silver pendants for self-expression

Do you notice how pendants are so personalised to each of us wearing them? We choose pendants that convey a sentiment, an emotion, a belief, or a vibe that's close to our hearts. Both men and women love to wear silver chains, earrings, and bracelets with pendants and charms for personalised styling. These are often statement pieces that reflect a style or embody a personal message or preference.

What are the most popular pendant styles?
♥ Geometric shapes like circles, triangles and spheres make classy statement pendants. They can have a smooth or matte finish, sometimes textured with intricate patterns. Simple or spectacular, each enchanting charm reflects a personal fashion preference.
♥ Some pendant designs represent a spiritual belief, such as a cross, the evil eye amulet, and Hamsa. Worn on slender chains, spiritual charms are often kept close to the heart to imbibe their powerful energy.
♥ Numbers and alphabets in delightful styles, solid medallions, and floral designs reflect a unique verve.
♥ Avant-garde style natural forms, mirrored in abstract, sculptural shapes, manifest a bold, dramatic look.

Gift a silver pendant?

Silver pendant gifts are an endearing way to show affection to the special people in your life. And what's more, at an affordable price, too! You can't go wrong when gifting pendants with birthstones or ones with spiritual significance. Or you may want to gift a new mom or your mother a meaningful pearl pendant crafted in gold vermile for Mother's Day. You can also add engraving to some designs for a personal touch.

Go ahead, add that glimmering silver lining to your life! You can easily browse our curated selection of fine silver pendants by changing the applied filters for silver pendants with gemstones or pearls or themes. Select a pendant that brings you joy, and we'll do the rest - by gift wrapping and delivering it right to your doorstep!

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