Emily, je t'aime

Inside the jewellery box of the iconic Emily in Paris 3

The new season of Emily in Paris 3 has dropped ...and so have our jaws watching the eye-catching feast of playful, bold and colorful fashion and - you guessed it - stunning jewellery displayed in the popular series.

Get ready to be transported to the vibrant streets of Paris and get your fill of all the must-see jewellery pieces we spotted during Emily in Paris 3 and, of course, how to recreate the memorable looks!

The jewellery of Emily in Paris 3. Marvellous earrings, rings and bracelets galore!

She´s back… and we couldn't help but gasp at the fashion and jewellery. Oh, the jewellery. If you want to add a bit of Parisian charm to your wardrobe and style, then look no further than the Emily in Paris 3 collection of jewellery. From renowned designers such as Danish design legend Ole Lyngaard, Parisian darling Persée Paris to talented newcomers, the über-talented French costume designer Marylin Fitoussi has done it again and created jaw-dropping looks for the Netflix hit series Emily in Paris 3.

As we all are aware, no outfit is ever complete without accompanying accessories and so Fitoussi carefully handpicked jewellery pieces for the various characters of the new Emily in Paris season that we couldn't agree with more. From Emily´s beautiful pearl ring, to her signature necklaces or Sylvie´s stunning statement pieces. In this blog post, let's explore the various jewellery styles that can be seen throughout the Emily in Paris 3 season, as well as the stories behind each designer, oui?

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Everyone’s favorite American in Paris is back and lots of drama unfolds, which is fun to watch but let’s be honest, Emily's head-turning and quirky looks are just as important as the actual plot, if not even more! Ever since the iconic Carrie Bradshaw wandered the streets of New York in Sex and the City no other lead character has ever created so much fashionable whirlwind and noteworthy trends. We already talked about our favorite accessories of Emily in Paris 2, so what intriguing jewellery, necklaces, earrings and rings does Emily surprise us with in Emily in Paris 3? Mon Dieux, there is a lot of feminine, charming and bold jewellery to see and love in season 3!

These are our favorite jewellery pieces from Emily while she conquers Paris (and our hearts).

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As much as we love our leading lady Emily, her ever so chic and elegant boss at Savoir, Sylvie, portrayed by gorgeous Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, knows how to equally impress, especially in the style department! Sylvie is a classic Parisian, with a sharp wit and a love of fashion. She’s also a fiercely independent woman who confidently wears standout jewellery pieces, chunky items and va-va-voom diamonds which are a league of their own. Some of Sylvie’s necklaces and earrings shown in Emily in Paris have caused quite a stir and Sylvie’s Jewellery Couture in Emily in Paris 3 is just as stunning and magical.

These are our favorite jewellery pieces from Sylvie, the most elegant woman of Paris

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Mindy Chen is Emily’s best friend and an important part of Emily's life in Paris. She's always there for Emily when she needs her and is a source of support and an amazing friend. As you would expect from any Emily in Paris character, Mindy is never afraid to make a statement with her wildly colorful and playful fashion and jewellery choices. Her looks are often described as "edgy stylish", and her wardrobe and jewellery box are filled with earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are both timeless and on-trend. What jewellery worn by Mindy in Emily in Paris has caught our undivided attention in season 3? Read on.

These are our favorite jewellery pieces from Mindy, the very best friend anyone could find in Paris.


Just like in the first two seasons, the new Emily in Paris 3 season was full of fantastic jewellery moments that led to our jewellery wish list growing extensively. So if you're in need of some jewellery inspiration, or simply wanting to remember the season that was, then be sure to check out the looks we loved from Emily in Paris season three, and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter for even more jewellery insights and tips.

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