Ole LynggaardSnakes 18K Gold Earring w. Diamonds

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The Snakes Earring is an Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen creation in 18 karat yellow gold. Set with 4 diamonds with a total weight of 0.01 carat, this piece is from the Snakes Collection and is sold as a single piece.

  • 18k yellow gold earring, sold as a single piece
  • 4 white diamonds of 0.01ct. TW.VS
  • Colour: White, gold

What's the story

Each piece of handcrafted jewellery from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is a thoughtfully designed and masterfully wrought ornament. The creativity behind this successful brand comes from the talented father-daughter duo, Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard, who draw inspiration from nature’s forms and translate them into fine movements of gold and precious stones. These designs are brought to life by a team of 150 highly trained and skilled artisans and jewellery experts.

What's great about it

The snake is regarded as a symbol of fertility and rebirth, and is even venerated in several cultures the world over. This eye-catching Snakes Earring, in 18 karat yellow gold and diamonds, sits at the edge of the earlobe with fluid curves and coils, typical of the snake, resting along the outer rim of the ear. The hand-filed surface of the earring adds texture and movement to this beautifully handcrafted piece. The eyes of the snake are marked by a pair of diamonds on either side, with a total weight of 0.01 carat, adding a subtle and mesmerising glint that cannot but capture the eye and imagination of anyone who beholds this earring.

How to wear it

This sinuous earring, with its classic gold and white combination, can be worn for all occasions. Designed to be worn by itself on one ear, it can also be sported as a pair on both ears if preferred. Wear it with the matching Snakes Ring in gold and diamonds, or complement it with the Petit Snakes Ring embellished with diamonds and green malachite from the same collection. A confident woman is sure to be drawn to the 18 karat gold Snakes Earring set with diamonds. She can be assured she will be cynosure of all eyes with this attention-grabbing piece of statement jewellery.

Why we love it

The Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen brand, one of the most iconic Scandinavian jewellers, has a clear perception of what makes a piece of jewellery memorable and everlasting in appeal. We love the bold design and expert hand-tooling invested in the making of the Snakes Earring. It will appeal to the fashion-savvy, contemporary woman who is also unapologetically self-assured and confident.

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