Vibe Harsløf JewelryIris hoop w. pearl Gold Plated

650 DKK


Elegant and classic, the Iris Hoop with pearl from Vibe Harsløf is a stunning piece in 18 karat gold plated silver and a freshwater pearl. The curved end of the slim hoop holds a lustrous pearl that can rest within your concha or facing outwards, allowing you lots of room to experiment with your look and create beautiful combinations.

  • 18k gold plated 925 sterling silver hoop earring, right/left ear, sold as single
  • Freshwater pearl
  • Hoop Ø: 5cm, Drop: ≈5cm or ≈5.5cm
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's great about it

Experienced designer Vibe Harsløf blends classic Scandinavian minimalism with bold and edgy aesthetics. Her jewellery collections display stand-out pieces that demand to be noticed and are favoured by the playful, cool, and design-conscious wearer. Intended to be worn by all, Vibe Harsløf Jewelry is timeless, beautiful, and exciting and will surely liven up your day.

Why we love it

We love everything about Vibe Harsløf Jewelry. Their inspirational, edgy-cool aesthetics gets our jewellery senses tingling! Each piece from this renowned and creative designer is chock-full of chutzpah and we love the delight of wearing beautiful jewellery that makes one feel young and free.

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