Ro CopenhagenRock Beads be Necklace Gold

9.100 DKK


This delicate handmade Rock Beads Me necklace is fashioned from 18 karat yellow gold and set with the Ro Copenhagen’s signature diamond.

  • 18k yellow gold necklace with gold Beading
  • Ro Copenhagen's signature brilliant cut white diamond of 0.003ct. TW.VS
  • Length: 45cm
  • Thickness: Ø1.2mm anchor chain with a lobster clasp
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's the story

Designed by Ro Copenhagen’s founder Helle Leiberg Nissen, this Rock Beads Me necklace displays Ro’s classic design sense. Helle designs each handmade necklace in Ro’s Rock Collection with exclusive details. A sparkling, brilliant-cut diamond is the designer’s signature and a subtle reminder of a bright day. The finest 18 karat gold, simple design, and clean lines define the classic gold necklaces from Ro Copenhagen. This strong sense of timelessness of Ro’s jewellery lets you enjoy them for years to come. Besides the highest quality gold, the delicate gold beading and versatile design make this piece a classic. It features a 45cm anchor chain that is only 1.2mm thick for a simple, comfortable design.

What's great about it

This classic design piece in 18 karat gold has gold beads nicely arranged on the beautiful anchor chain. Like other timeless pieces from this brand, a Ro Signature brilliant cut diamond adds elegance to this lightweight piece. The unique design is made for the feminine, stylish woman who likes to stand out with this petite and simple necklace, made of the highest quality.

How to wear it

A simple gold necklace is a classic, timeless piece that will put the finishing touch to almost any outfit. This Rock Beads Me necklace is an excellent choice if you’re aiming for a cool, chic look. Look classic and put-together when you use this piece as a standalone. You can also keep things exciting by pairing this elegant piece with few other delicate necklaces. The result is a non-traditional but stylish look. When worn against bare skin with a casual dress or office shirt, it provides that bit of flash without being too overpowering.

Why we love it

This Rock Beads Me Necklace from Ro’s Rock Collection is unique and brilliant. The 18 karat stylish necklace adds style and subtlety to a beautiful woman. Another appeal of this piece from Ro is the delicate gold beading that accentuates beauty without overpowering the whole look. The sparkling Ro Signature diamond infuses a sense of timelessness in this necklace. It is versatile, easy to pair with other delicate necklaces or worn as a standalone statement piece. Each Ro piece is a beautiful memento that holds memories, meaning, and stories. The brand’s passion for solid 18 karat gold and the signature diamond detail makes Ro jewellery worth the price.

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