Pernille LauridsenAmphitrite Earring Gold Plated, Purple Pearls

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The Amphitrite-Tahitian Earring, with a pink freshwater pearl and a natural Tahitian pearl in gold-plated silver, brings the wild, natural beauty of the sea into your jewellery box.

  • Silver earring gold plated with two layers of 22k gold, sold as a single in right and left ear variants.
  • 1 pink freshwater pearl
  • 1 large Tahitian pearl
  • Colour: Pink, grey, gold
  • Can also be ordered as a pair

What's the story

Designer Pernille Lauridsen creates jewellery that is evocative, and sensual, incorporating oversized pearls to create a feminine, individualised style inspired by nature. Her creations are loved by celebrities and fashionable women all over the world. Each piece of jewellery she produces is expertly crafted and is a delightful burst of innovative details. The Amphitrite-Tahitian Earring features freshwater and a Tahitian pearl, capturing their natural beauty in this playful contemporary design. The Tahitian pearl is attached to a gold-plated tube, allowing it to move back and forth, imitating the motion of sea waves. The lustrous grey pearl reflects natural tones of mauve, bringing out the organic feel of this beautiful earring. The body of the earring is made of silver that is plated with two layers of 22k gold. The central tube that holds the two pearls and the secondary wavy piece adds character and interest to this piece.

What's great about it

The Amphitrite-Tahitian Earring will be appreciated by all modern, confident women who love playful, yet exclusive, high-quality jewellery that is feminine and beautiful but, at the same time, challenges the traditional limits of jewellery design. The combination of natural pearls and gold-plated silver is luxurious and adds refinement to your look. This earring is sure to be cherished by free-spirited women who love jewellery that is bold and contemporary as well as elegant and refined.

How to wear it

The Amphitrite-Tahitian earring is a perfect accessory to wear with modern outfits and open necklines. It is sold as a single, in left or right ear variants to suit your preference. Of course, you could also choose to buy a pair for a symmetrical look. The best way to achieve that exclusive look is to mix and match the Amphitrite-Tahitian earring with others from Pernille Lauridsen’s collections, which offer you endless options to suit your personal style.

Why we love it

The Jewellery Room loves all the striking and bold yet sophisticated and classy designs of Pernille Lauridsen's collections. We are particularly taken with the Amphitrite-Tahitian earring that captures the beauty of the natural pearls with expert artisanship.

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