Pernille LauridsenLarge Earring Gold, White Pearls

3.850 DKK


Pernille Lauridsen’s Seafoam Large Earring, in 9 karat gold plated silver with freshwater pearls and a natural baroque South Sea pearl, is exquisitely crafted, infusing it with a fresh, organic feel.

  • 9k gold-plated silver earring, Sold as a single piece
  • 10x4–5mm freshwater white pearls
  • 1 large baroque South Sea pearl
  • Size: L
  • Colour: Gold, white, yellow

What's the story

Designer Pernille Lauridsen creates jewellery that is evocative and unconventional; sensual, and stylish; and well-loved by Vogue magazine and fashionistas across the globe. Each item she produces is expertly crafted and packed with innovative details. Her jewellery appeals to confident modern women who appreciate pieces that are feminine and beautiful but, at the same time, challenge the traditional ways of wearing them. The Seafoam Large Earring, with freshwater pearls and a baroque South Sea pearl, represents Pernille’s love for detail and chic style. There are 10 freshwater white pearls set along a wavy 9k gold bar in a shape that mirrors a sea wave. The look is finished with a large baroque South Sea pearl that dangles and adds movement to the earring. The yellow tones of the baroque pearl bring out the natural, organic feel of this beautiful earring.

What's great about it

The Seafoam Large Earring is a statement piece of jewellery that demands attention. At the same time, the combination of natural pearls and precious metal adds a luxurious refinement to your look. The size of the earring makes it unlikely to escape the notice of onlookers. The curvy shape and moving baroque pearl add interest and a dynamic energy to your appearance. This earring is sure to be loved by free-spirited women who love jewellery that is bold and contemporary, yet elegant and refined.

How to wear it

Wear the Seafoam Large Earring with flowing, ruffled blouses and off the shoulder styles for a modern, fashionable look. Show it off as a single piece or sport a pair of these beauties for a more dressy look. The pearls are timeless in their beauty, and their natural shapes and colours will add a touch of class to most clothing choices for any formal occasion. For a more dramatic look, wear this earring with others from Pernille Lauridsen’s collections, which offer you endless options to suit your personal style.

Why we love it

The Jewellery Room loves all the striking and bold, yet sophisticated and classy designs of Pernille Lauridsen's collections. The Seafoam Collection has a uniquely refreshing style and expert artisanship and this earring exudes individuality, luxury, and a chic, feminine style.

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