Ole LynggaardSnakes Petite 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & Lapis

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This dramatic Snakes Petite Ring crafted in the form of a sinuous snake, with 3 glittering diamonds for each eye and encircling a vivid blue lapis lazuli stone is a creation of the reputed jewellery house, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. It is made of solid 18 karat yellow gold and is embellished with six diamonds with a total weight of 0.04 carats and a 15x11 lapis lazuli, of 9.2 carats.

  • 18k yellow gold ring
  • 6 x TW.VS diamonds, 0.04ct.
  • 1x9.2ct. lapis lazuli, measuring 15x11mm
  • Ring sizes: 49-62
  • Colour: Gold, blue, white

What's the story

At Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, trained and gifted designers and expert goldsmiths work symbiotically in the brand workshops to create fine jewellery that spells beauty and sophistication. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court, which is testimony to the exacting standards of quality and artisanship of this jewellery house. Exemplifying Scandinavian heritage and spirit of life in their jewellery, the success of this family-owned brand has been made possible by the dedicated efforts of the Lynggaards’ extended family. Ole Lynggaard opened his first workshop in Central Copenhagen in 1963 and, since then, the brand has expanded to encompass three talented generations, which include his children and granddaughter. Ole’s daughter, Charlotte Lynggaard, followed in his footsteps; she is a trained goldsmith and designer, a proud perfectionist whose uncompromising standards ensure that the brand always produces only the very best. Every piece of jewellery from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is designed by the father-daughter duo. Charlotte’s daughter, Sophia Lynggaard, is also a vital part of the creative process in this family business.

What's great about it

Jewellery from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is inspired by natural forms and movements, as is seen in the seductive curves of the snake in this ring. Fashioned in solid 18 karat yellow gold, the head of the snake is embedded with six white diamonds, representing its eyes. The snake’s tail is wrapped around a striking blue lapis lazuli stone, providing an eye-catching element to this ring. The snake represents fertility and symbolises a creative life force. By extension, it also serves as a metaphor for transformation, rebirth, and immortality. The beautiful and dramatic blue hue of the lapis lazuli stone and the sparkle of white diamonds set in yellow gold, together with the exquisitely crafted serpent shape, heighten the mystique and sophistication of this Snakes Petite Ring. This is certainly a piece of fine jewellery that will capture the attention of a woman who likes bold designs that are formed with feminine, graceful curves and coils.

How to wear it

The sensuous design of the Snakes Petite Ring makes it a fitting accessory for a woman who seeks to make a statement. It can be worn as a single piece of jewellery, but you can enhance the impact by adding other rings from the extensive Ole Lynggaard Collection. Show off this stylish ring with a flowing, dark coloured dress for a formal event or simply make a bold statement by sporting it with casual attire. Emphasise the sensuous woman in you by combining it with the bracelet, necklace and earrings from the Snakes Collection. No matter how you choose to wear this ring, you are bound to draw attention and receive compliments as the design represents a powerful symbol of beauty that simply cannot be ignored.

Why we love it

Today, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is a well-known heritage brand, synonymous with fine Danish jewellery design and artisanship as is obvious in this beautiful snake earring made of yellow gold and diamonds. At The Jewellery Room, we love the passion and impeccable artistry in the exquisitely crafted jewels offered by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The father-daughter duo visualises a creative idea, infuses it with shape and form, and transforms it into a stunning piece of jewellery. Every piece of jewellery from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is a shining example of fine quality, elegant design, and meticulous craftsmanship. It is no wonder that the brand is increasingly sought after by connoisseurs of fine jewellery the world over.

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