Ole LynggaardBead collier Pearls, Rutile 90 cm.

7.500 DKK


This beautiful Bead Collier Pearls in the Rutile theme is part of the Stone Collection from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and is a perfect mix of rutile, blush, serpentine, turquoise, lapis, aquamarine, grey moonstone, amber, amber, white moonstone and pearls. The necklace is 90-92 cm in length and is sold without a clasp, which can be purchased separately at The Jewellery Room.

  • Bead collier with pearls strung with rutile, blush, serpentine, turquoise, lapis, aquamarine, grey moonstone, amber, white moonstone and pearls.
  • Length: 90-92 cm
  • Colour: Mixed colours
  • Sold without a clasp, which is available separately

What's the story

Every piece of jewellery from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is designed by the father-daughter duo, Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard. Both designers pride themselves in taking the time necessary to perfect a piece of jewellery. From their initial sketches, the collections and special pieces are crafted by a team of 40 goldsmiths. Together they ensure the highest standards of artistry and exclusive design. This bead collier with pearls is a symphony of various colours, with pale rutile dominating the design. Selected semi-precious stones are perfectly strung in an exquisite pattern. The necklace is 90-92 cm long without the clasp, which is sold separately.

What's great about it

At Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, designs are sourced from nature’s most delicate forms and transformed into soft movements of fine gold, precious, and semi-precious stones. Each uniquely coloured semi-precious stone in this necklace has been meticulously selected and placed for optimal effect. This design integrity is reflected in the women who wear it, appreciative of the attention to fine detail. The mix of colour and stone variety, combined with classic uniformity of bead size, creates a sophisticated look for contemporary women.

How to wear it

Bead Collier Pearls is part of the Stone Collection which comprises variations of the necklace in complementary Blush and Turquoise themes. There are also shorter length variants of 80-82 cm. The pieces in varying lengths and colours combine effortlessly to create an impact. On its own, the necklace is a statement of simplicity and style. The natural blend of colours in this collier makes it a perfect accessory that will combine beautifully with any outfit. The exclusively designed clasps in 18 karat gold are sold separately in two sizes (8.5 mm and 11.5 mm) and two variants (white and yellow).

Why we love it

Patronized by Danish royalty, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen jewellery is both sought after and celebrated for its passionate design vision and artisanal excellence. We love the brand for its aesthetic designs and expert craftsmanship. Using the finest quality materials, the artisans bring to life a collection of timeless jewellery. Go ahead and choose a piece from their atelier to add value to your collection.

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