Ole LynggaardBead collier bone/amber mixed Colors

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This gorgeous bead collier from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen sports an elegant mix of bone and authentic gemstones such as blush rutile, amber, and white moonstone. This stunning necklace by Charlotte Lynggaard is 90cm long and features the original 18 karat gold clasp designed by Ole Lynggaard himself in 1979.

  • Bead collier with a mix of bone, blush rutile, amber, and white moonstone
  • 18k gold clasp in 11.5mm
  • Length: 90cm
  • Colour: Mixed colours

What's the story

The incredibly talented Ole Lynggaard established his own atelier in the neighbourhood of Hellerup near Copenhagen in 1963. Since then, the brand has built up a massive reputation in the realm of Scandinavian jewellery through the timeless aesthetics at its core and the hard-working family that ensures every precious piece is flawless in artistry and quality. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is now an enterprise with 150 highly specialised employees and 6 flagship stores that engage with more than 275 global retailers. The company is currently led by three generations: Ole, his children Charlotte and Søren, and granddaughter Sofia. The father-daughter duo of Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard is the creative brilliance behind every piece of jewellery from this iconic brand. They believe perfect craftsmanship is a time-consuming affair, with some pieces taking years to metamorphose from the designers’ dreams into tangible art. The smooth and dreamy Collier Collection is a riot of colours in a variety of themes. The Bead Collier with bone and amber beads alongside rutile and moonstone has been designed by Charlotte Lynggaard. A personal favourite of her daughter, Sofia, this long necklace also features the original clasp in 18 karat gold, designed by Ole Lynggaard himself.

What's great about it

This delightful bead collier is the ultimate in subtle charm with its eclectic mix of bone, amber, rutile and moonstone beads. Perfect for the modern woman who desires a vibrant colour palette embodied in her jewellery, this long necklace brings a spirited quota of vintage quaintness to your personal style. The pretty blend of bone and gemstones speaks of quiet confidence and classic beauty. The Bead Collier in mixed colours is a fascinating piece of jewellery, its inherent charm enhanced by the presence of the sensational 18 karat gold clasp created by the peerless Ole Lynggaard in the late 1970s. Together with the original clasp, this long necklace is a must-have for every woman of discerning taste who appreciates multi-tasking jewellery that goes beautifully with different styles.

How to wear it

Sporting just the perfect blend of vintage vibes and pretty hues, this Bead Collier designed by Charlotte Lynggaard is incredibly versatile. It pairs well with a wide range of outfits, softening the hard formals and adding pure class to light, casual styles by virtue of its unique composition featuring bone, amber, blush rutile, and moonstone beads. This bone and gemstone necklace is a generous 90cm in length and is gorgeous as one long strand and just as classy when worn in multiple layers. Adjusting the length and number of layers can reveal a variety of looks to match your stylish ensemble.

Why we love it

Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court, the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen collection shines splendidly, right from their design philosophy and work ethics to their fabulous creations that are perfection incarnate. Ever since its establishment, this iconic house has brought out stunning collections, each one unique in its design and artistry. We, at The Jewellery Room, are delighted to bring you the choicest pieces from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s arsenal of timeless jewellery that transcends time and speaks to the wearer and beholder of open confidence and deep joy.

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