Ole LynggaardSmall Nature Hoops Gold

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This stylish pair of 18 karat solid gold earrings from the Nature Collection of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen features an elegant interpretation of the traditional hoop earring that widens mid-arc with an interesting ridge, creating a unique variation of the traditional shape. Designed by Charlotte Lynggaard, the Small Nature Hoops come with exclusive packaging from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

  • 18k yellow gold earrings
  • Diameter: 21mm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is an independent family business that takes great pride in its exquisite jewellery. The brand guarantees the finest artisanship combined with unique designs resulting from the team’s passion for producing aesthetically pleasing precious jewellery. Ole Lynggaard began his journey in 1963, starting in a small workshop in Copenhagen that rapidly flourished into a successful business. Following their father’s passion, Ole Lynggaard’s two children, Charlotte and Søren, immersed themselves in the creative enterprise. The father and daughter are gifted designers, trained goldsmiths, and masters in creating exclusive jewellery. Charlotte now leads the creative team while Søren spearheads the enterprise as its CEO. A third generation of the Lynggaards—Charlotte’s daughter, Sofia—has also become a part of the team. The designs come to life in the Ole Lynggaard workshop, north of Copenhagen, where the artisans, sharing the family’s vision, create jewellery that is both expertly crafted and beautiful. With 150 highly specialised employees, over 275 global retailers, and 6 flagship stores, the brand is also endorsed by the Danish royalty.

What's great about it

The exclusive Nature Collection is designed by Charlotte Lynggaard, a perfectionist whose designs are inspired by the form, textures, and contours of beauty in nature. The Small Nature Hoops are unusual and original in both the shape and the finish of the precious metal. What makes this pair of earrings dramatically noticeable is the ridge in the middle of the hoop's arc created by the widening of the gold tube that forms the body of the earring. The earrings are flatteringly textured with gentle lines along the surface, adding to the classy look. This refined design will resonate well with the confident, modern woman who cherishes her individuality and is unafraid to wear jewellery that makes heads turn.

How to wear it

The impressive and gentle Small Nature Hoops are beautifully crafted in yellow gold. The classic design of the earrings makes them perfect with any outfit. However, you may also want to pair them with matching jewellery pieces from the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen collections to add more glamour to your look. The earrings are a versatile pair that can accentuate your style for any occasion. They can add subtle elegance when worn with clean-cut coordinates ideal for lunch or dinner engagements. The earrings can be equally captivating when worn with formal outfits. The hoops’ unusual design draws attention, transforming the traditional hoop earring style into an eye-catching work of art.

Why we love it

The Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen brand has acquired an exceptional reputation, with decades of tradition, innovation, and enterprise enriching their journey. They have consistently adhered to the superior standards of traditional Scandinavian jewellery making, and constantly strive to innovate and offer exclusive, wearable, and original pieces that display the designers' love for aesthetic and artisanal excellence. The beautiful Small Nature Hoops are both modern and traditionally luxurious. Crafted from solid 18 karat gold, they are long-lasting and elegant at the same time, capable of creating a statement without being overly flashy. The Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen collection is filled with a beautiful mix of treasures that have been created to mesmerise, fascinate, and entice the trendy woman who enjoys wearing jewellery that is both captivating and versatile.

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