Ole LynggaardNature Earrings Gold

6.900 DKK


These aesthetically-pleasing mini hoops are fashioned from solid 18-karat yellow gold. Their small size makes them a perfect fit for women of all ages.

  • 18k yellow gold mini hoops
  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Colour: Gold
  • Exclusive packaging from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

What's the story

A loving family devoted to creativity and to each other is at the heart of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Preserving the Scandinavian heritage and spirit of life in their jewellery, the success of this brand has been made possible by the dedicated efforts of the Lynggaards’ extended family. A base of 150 highly-specialised employees support the family’s vision and share their passion for artisanal excellence. The father-daughter duo, Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard, design every piece of jewellery for the brand, which oozes uniqueness, quality, and confidence. The Nature Collection is exclusively designed by Charlotte Lynggaard who takes inspiration from textures and contours of living and growing materials in the forest. The brand strongly believes in a motivating working environment for creating stylish and classy pieces. Charlotte's Nature Collection is a definite stunner because she is smitten with the wonders of nature—the best work environment that anyone can dream of.

What's great about it

These Nature Earrings are organic in design and are made of solid 18-karat yellow gold. The surface is textured with gentle lines that resemble the bark of a tree. The open-hoop structure of the earrings adds extra appeal to the design. This cleverly detailed piece exudes exquisite craftsmanship and the joy of life. The brand’s very foundation is raised from the lap of nature and the design radiates femininity, tenderness, and passion.

How to wear it

The Nature Earrings are an ode to the forest and trees. Style it with the Lotus Ring, Nature Armring, or the Nature Collier from the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen range of handcrafted jewellery. These earrings are small in structure and can be suitably paired with the Mini Shooting Stars Earrings too. The versatility of the piece makes it convenient to accessorise according to your taste and mood.

Why we love it

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen touches the heart with every piece. Their jewellery collection reminds one of the soft and silent, yet beautiful and majestic aura of Mother Earth. The Nature Earrings from the Nature Collection is one such piece. The enticing design made in solid 18-karat yellow gold is sure to add to your joy every time you wear it. A woman wearing these earrings emanates the very essence of life. With Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, handmade leather boxes and pouches made from soft velvet and silk are always a part of your purchase, taking the concept of treasured possessions to the next level. What more do you need!

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