Ole LynggaardSpecial Edition Earring-Pendant Gold, Diamonds

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This beautiful earring pendant from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is a special edition piece from their Unique Collection. Crafted in 18 karat solid yellow gold and embellished with beautiful gemstones and diamonds, this earring-pendant pairs well with the Shooting Star diamond ear studs. The gemstones featured in the design are diamonds, amber, blush moonstone, and aquamarine.

  • 18k solid yellow gold earring pendant, sold separately
  • 7 x TW.VS white diamonds, 0.06ct.
  • Amber, blush moonstone, and aquamarine
  • Length: 8cm
  • Colour: Gold, white, blue, pink, orange

What's the story

Ole Lynggaard, the founder of this brand, established his first workshop in 1963 in Hellerup near Copenhagen. Over close to six decades that followed, Ole’s passion for jewellery has grown into a remarkable enterprise with highly specialised employees and flagship stores that engage with retailers worldwide. Through the combined efforts of the founder, his children, and the extended family, the brand has now grown into an enterprise with 150 highly trained and skilled employees and 6 flagship stores that engage with more than 275 global retailers. Today, this family business is helmed by three generations: Ole, his children Charlotte and Søren, and granddaughter Sofia, making Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen a family enterprise in the truest sense. The father-daughter duo, Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard, design every piece of jewellery that emerges from the brand’s atelier. Nature is their muse; through their creative process, they translate the delicate forms of nature in a playful blend of gold and gemstones. Their carefully crafted designs are then brought to life by their in-house team of forty goldsmiths and close external partners.

What's great about it

This Special Edition Earring Pendant from their Unique Collection is a distinctive piece crafted in 18 karat solid yellow gold. The delicate rolo chain in the 8cm long earring pendant is spaced with different gemstones: 7 TW.VS diamonds (total weight 0.06 carat), amber, blush moonstone, and aquamarine. The design is bold and modern, yet feminine. This delicate pendant, which is bold, modern, and feminine, drops to your shoulders and sways with the every movement of your head. The tiny diamonds that resemble twinkling stars in the night sky sparkle and shine as you move. The ethereal blush moonstone is the precious ode to your inner strength and wisdom, while the aquamarine stone symbolises happiness. The healing power of amber, that features prominently in the design, is included to protect you from negative energies. All the elements of this earring-pendant have been thoughtfully combined to give the wearer a meaningful piece of jewellery that will be cherished forever.

How to wear it

The Special Edition Earring Pendant includes multiple colours in the design, making them especially suited to highlight, add sparkle, and animate muted, darker coloured apparel. Six of the diamonds in the earring-pendant are set in a manner that resembles the Shooting Star ear stud, and forms the common motif between the pendant and the stud, which is why the Shooting Star studs are the recommended pairing for this earring pendant. However, you need not restrict your choices; this earring pendant’s versatility ensures that it can be worn with any other ear studs from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen's vast collections.

Why we love it

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is a faithful upholder of Scandinavian jewellery design traditions and is favoured by the Royal Danish Court. Their jewellery pieces are flawlessly crafted in precious metals and set with impeccable gemstones in luxurious designs that exude an elegance that appeals to the contemporary sophisticated woman. So, don’t hesitate; just go ahead and add this dainty Special Edition Earring Pendant from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen to your personal collection. We are confident you will be the proud owner of an everlasting piece of Danish heritage that can be passed on with love to future generations.

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